Joanna A. van der Vant on Preventing Financial Statement Fraud

Joanna A. van der Vant

Joanna A. van der Vant is Certified Fraud Examiner, an accounting expert with an MBA. She is a longtime member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers and Chicago’s CREW (Commercial Real Estate Executive Women) and Illinois CPA Society. In this brief interview, Joanna A. van der Vant explains how to prevent financial statement fraud. […]

Chuck Brennan Treats Employees to Star-Studded Evening


Is Chuck Brennan the best boss in America? Dollar Loan Center employees who attended a recent holiday party say ‘yes’. An impressive introduction Chuck Brennan isn’t your typical businessman. While other corporate types are begrudgingly doling out free turkeys at Christmas, last year Chuck Brennan treated his 500+ employees to an evening worthy of the […]

Sandra Dyche FAQ: Seoul as a Popular EB-5 Program

Q: How often does South Korea participate in the EB-5 immigration investor program? Sandra Dyche: South Korea was the largest EB-5 market three years ago until China surpassed it. However, South Korea continues to be the second largest market for the EB-5 program in the United States. Q: Where does Seoul’s economy rank internationally? Sandra […]

Advice for Parents: Teaching Teens about Credit Cards

Q: What’s the first step in teaching children about finances? A: The first step is to teach children that a credit card is an acceptable form of payment and should not be feared. Using credit effectively is not quite the same as stopping them from acquiring credit. These days the responsibility of managing a credit […]

Scott T. Sohr Opens up about Nolensville’s Premier Community, Winterset Woods

Scott Sohr

Growing up in Williamson County, Tennessee, Scott T. Sohr became familiar with the beauty of Middle Tennessee at a young age. Now a successful developer in the area, Scott T. Sohr says that Williamson County was an ideal spot for his next residential development. Sohr has developed several properties in and around Middle Tennessee in […]

Scott Sohr Discusses Development in Williamson County

Scott Sohr

For every neighborhood in America, there’s a developer who pioneered the project. And for many neighborhoods in Williamson County, Tennessee, an individual like Scott Sohr was that pioneer. Land developers like Scott Sohr claim their stake on large plots of land with uncertain futures, and after much careful deliberation and research, they sketch out a […]

Home Renovation on a Budget

When many homeowners begin to entertain the idea of renovating a home, they have no idea where to begin. One thing is certain; it’s essential to begin with a budget. To begin, it necessary to determine needs vs. wants. Upgrading those out-dated appliances may be one thing, but what about granite counter tops? Can you […]

Kale Flagg Discusses Creating Discipline in a Sales Force

Kale Flagg

Kale Flagg believes discipline is a determining factor in the success of a sales team. He says that the key to combating a lack of discipline is creating and maintaining an environment of motivation. Kale Flagg explains that the underlying premise behind motivation is the ability to control your environment. According to Kale Flagg, people […]

Jeffrey Kale Flagg | Getting People to Follow

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Businessman and entrepreneur Jeffrey Kale Flagg says that in order to be prosperous, especially in a sales, management or executive position, you must motivate people to do the things that will open a pathway to success. In the fall of 1996, Jeffrey Kale Flagg was on a golf vacation in the Hill Country of South […]

Douglas Andrew Explains the Three Houses of Cash

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew has been a financial strategist for nearly four decades and during this time, he’s watched as Americans have dealt with the unpredictability of the market. Because of this, Douglas Andrew created the Missed Fortune series of books and videos to help clients realize their optimum wealth. Here are a few of the questions […] Explains Home Equity Loans

The team at reports that, with the economic troubles of the past few years, less people are buying new homes. But this has unleashed a new trend—homeowners seeking home equity loans to remodel existing living spaces. No longer are homeowners simply remodeling to be able to sell at a profit in a few years, […]

Missed Fortune Discusses the Three Biggest Dangers to Retirees

Missed Fortune

Missed Fortune founder Doug Andrew has coached many clients to successful retirement through the Missed Fortune workshops and videos. In this brief article, he outlines three major things most Americans are facing in today’s economy:

Taxes—Most Americans are dealing with concerns about their current taxes, but they’re especially concerned about their future taxes.
Inflation—With the rate at which our country is spending money, Missed Fortune is getting many questions from individuals about what will happen with inflation in the coming years.
Market uncertainty—It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this level of volatility in the market, says the Missed Fortune founder, with the market diving and then rebounding, often netting no growth.

Texas Lending ( Now Offers Customer Edge

Texas Lending

Texas Lending ( is recognized as a premier mortgage lender in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with more than a decade of great customer service. Now, Texas Lending is extending that customer service with a new program geared toward helping homeowners as they buy and sell homes. This program, called Customer Edge, offers a variety of services to homebuyers. Those services include:



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Tax Tiger Says Wage Garnishment Ruins Lives

Tax Tiger

Behind on your taxes? Tax Tiger suggests getting help before the IRS takes away your means of supporting your family. Tax Tiger reports that wage garnishment is the single most embarrassing aspect of IRS financial troubles for most taxpayers. This solitary action notifies numerous individuals about your monetary problems, often when you least expect it. […]