Edmond Dentist Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS Exposes the Root Cause of Tooth Sensitivity

Edmond Dentist

Community Blog Online: We’re very excited to talk with you today. Thank you for making time; we know you’re very busy. Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS, Edmond dentist: I’m never too busy to help people understand important dental concerns. Community Blog Online: We’d like to touch on the subject of sensitive teeth… Dr. Damon R. […]

Gum Disease – A Battle Worth Fighting

According to the dentist professionals, bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose permanent teeth mean it’s time to find a dentist. Gum disease is an infection that affects tissue that supports and surrounds the teeth. It is one of the most dominant causes of tooth loss in people over 18 years of age. It is often […]

Dennis Wong, “YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board Member Daniel Jacobs a True “Miracle Man”

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, opens up about YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board Member Daniel Jacobs. Q: Who is Daniel Jacobs? Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He is a world-renowned, four-time Golden Globe Championship Middleweight boxer from Brooklyn. He is also an esteemed member of the YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board. Q: Why the nickname “Miracle […]

Preventing Sports-Related Tooth Injuries | Edmond, OK, Dentist Damon R. Johnson, DDS

Community Blog Online is dedicated to bringing pertinent information to our community. Here, we speak with Edmond dentist Damon R. Johnson, DDS about how to protect the teeth and mouth from sports injuries this summer. Q: We are so happy to have you with us today, Dr. Johnson. Thank you for taking time to share […]

Marla Ahlgrimm Cautions Readers about Dangerous Household Chemicals

Marla Ahlgrimm

Items like countertop cleaners, hand soaps, home cleaning products and shampoos are household staples that may be troubling to a person’s health, according to women’s health expert Marla Ahlgrimm. Many of these household staples contain chemicals that may be of concerns to children and adults alike. In order to guide the Community Blog Online audience, […]

Therapist Berni Fried Explores Drug Addiction and Treatment Options

Berni Fried

When individuals are struggling with the harsh reality of drug addiction, sobriety may appear to be an impossible reality, reports therapist Berni Fried. In this interview with Community Blog Online, Berni Fried explains why recovery is well within reach when a client is given the proper treatment and support. Community Blog Online: We’re so glad […]

Sophia Wong of YOR Health Offers Nutrition Tips for Summer

Sophia Wong YOR Health

According to Sophia Wong of YOR Health, the company’s products have been designed to keep consumers in tip-top shape 12 months a year. Sophia Wong and YOR Health are looking forward to the summer months hanging out by the beach or on the water. Below, Community Blog Online asks Sophia Wong of YOR Health about […]

Glendora Cosmetic Dentist Explains Safety and Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening

Glendora Cosmetic Dentist

Americans love a bright white smile so much that tooth whitening has become the most popular aesthetic dental treatment. Community Blog Online talked to Glendora cosmetic dentist, Dr. Viviane Haber to find out just how effective and safe tooth whitening really is. Community Blog Online: What is the cause of teeth discoloration? Glendora cosmetic dentist, […]

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Chiann Gibson Explains Philosophy Behind Her Relaxing Spa Dentistry

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A perfect example of treating patients with grace and excellence for all Naperville cosmetic dentists, Dr. Chiann Gibson has spent 18 years perfecting her patented blend of soothing spa dentistry. Naperville cosmetic dentists look to Dr. Gibson as their role model, who has risen through the ranks to become one of the most prominent dentists […]

YOR Health Announces Expansion of Customer Care Hours

YOR Health

YOR Health is proud to announce the expansion of customer care hours for the benefit of their valued clients. Community Blog: Why have the hours for YOR Health Customer Care expanded?   YOR Health: Essentially, our company is growing along with our customer base.  With a true dedication to serving people with an extensive line […]

Q&A with Best Naperville Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson – The Chicago Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Best Naperville Dentist

Dr. Chiann Gibson, best Naperville dentist, has received a slew of accolades and awards over the span of her professional career. For Dr. Chiann Gibson, best Naperville dentist, one of her most treasured experiences has been serving as the Chicago Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s president. Recently, the best Naperville Dentist sat down with the staff […]

Water Therapy as a Benefit to Overall Well-being

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Water is known to be essential for overall health and well-being since it is a necessary element for the entire body. Without water, the bloodstream doesn’t work sufficiently and organs fail. In addition to being a thirst quencher, water purifies organs and removes negative energy. Frequent swimming and showering gets rid of stress and relaxes […]

Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living Says the Brain Can Be Trained

Kelley D. Hamilton Bonaventure

Kelley D. Hamilton is CEO of Bonaventure Senior Living.  This network of full service retirement, assisted living, and memory care communities caters to older adults who want to remain active and independent but don’t want the worries that come with living alone.  Today, Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure explains why his company encourages seniors to […]

Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, Suggests Vitamins and Nutrients that Can Be Helpful in Preventing Illness


For Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, the ability to educate seniors on their nutritional needs is a gratifying experience. Below, he explains the adjustments that older individuals must make in their daily diets. Community Blog: Why is proper nutrition so critical for senior adults? Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: As we age, our bodies […]

Local Food as a Healthy Option in American Diets


Local agriculture produces some of the healthiest, most flavorful food on the market. For consumers, buying local makes a considerable impact on the local economy and promotes healthy eating habits. Locally grown produce lacks the chemicals that are found in shipped versions. Local farmers typically show greater concern for details such as sunlight exposure, soil […]