Cooking Classes Are a Fun Pastime for Retirees

10.10.13 - cooking

For older adults looking to add a little spice to their lives, cooking classes may be just the “catch of the day.” At this stage in life, staying active, learning new skills, and socializing are essential keys to overall wellness, and cooking classes offer all of these benefits and more. While seniors may be in […]

Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living Says the Brain Can Be Trained

Kelley D. Hamilton Bonaventure

Kelley D. Hamilton is CEO of Bonaventure Senior Living.  This network of full service retirement, assisted living, and memory care communities caters to older adults who want to remain active and independent but don’t want the worries that come with living alone.  Today, Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure explains why his company encourages seniors to […]

Q&A with Bonaventure Senior Living: Tips for Managing the Workplace at 50 and Beyond

Bonaventure Senior Living knows that starting a new job is a bold move for senior citizens. Whatever the reason, jumping into a new job at 50, 60 or 70, requires calculated decision-making. Being the newest member of the organization—the new kid on the block—is both challenging and exciting. While it’s normal to face both difficulties […]

Rick Dover of Knoxville Speaks About His Favorite Small Town


Rick Dover, Knoxville businessman and real estate developer, explains why Loudon, Tenn., is a wonderful place to spend the day when visiting the mountainous area. Community Blog: What is the first thing that visitors notice in Loudon? Rick Dover, Knoxville: Definitely the brick-lined streets. It is a small town not unlike television’s Mayberry. At any […]

Q&A with Pam Gray: Gardens Are Rich Havens for Local Wildlife

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living

Creating a wildlife-friendly habitat can be a fun and pleasing experience for any age, whether in a big city, a small backyard or a rural area with acres of land. Therefore, Pam Gray, Chief Operating Officer at Bonaventure Senior Living, is not surprised that the gardening club at Bonaventure is one of the most popular […]

YORHealth Testimonial: Rocio Almirudis & Ruben Gaytan, Leon, GT Mexico


  YORHealth formulates cutting edge health and wellness products for customers around the globe. The California-based company specializes in nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes. After 30 years of groundbreaking research, YORHealth products are formulated with the finest ingredients and are tested before distribution. YORHealth believes that it is not what we eat, but what […]

Just Fab: Spring Is in the Air

Just Fab

The nation’s top fashion subscription e-tailer, Just Fab, carries all of the latest trends in spring and summer footwear. Here, the style experts at Just Fab answer questions about sassy spring styles and sensual summer selections. Q: Are there any new trends for the 2013 season? Just Fab: This year, geometric patterns are making a […]

Jeffrey Nimer – Preparing a Holiday Dinner Serving Prime Rib

Jeffrey Nimer

During the holidays, Jeffrey Nimer has always been drawn to cooking large cuts of standing rib roasts, game birds etc. Christmas time is a special time for him as the family gets together with friends to enjoy the bountiful slow roasted meats. Jeffrey Nimer says he is partial to the Prime Rib of beef and […]

Doug Battista Answers Questions About Eating Healthy

Doug Battista

Doug Battista has found that in the field of human resources, he often is called upon to act as counselor. Since part of HR is helping employees with insurance and medical issues, Doug Battista regularly talks to workers about ways to reduce medical costs by trying to live a healthier life. Living a healthy life cuts down on work absenteeism and medical bills, which reduces overall insurance costs on a corporation, Doug Battista believes.

Douglas Battista Says the Pittsburgh Pirates Remain an Inspiration

Douglas Battista

Despite an almost two decade long losing streak, the Pittsburgh Pirates serve a greater purpose than just winning athletic recognition, says Douglas Battista.

Douglas Battista grew up a Pirates fan; today, little has changed. Here, Community Blog Online catches up with the busy Human Resources Executive to see how his love of baseball has helped him stay true to his roots.

Community Blog Online: Good morning, Douglas Battista. Thank you for taking this time with us today. We appreciate the opportunity to speak with positive role models like you, to remind our readers the importance of appreciating the experiences of youth.

Eat Less, Live Longer | Garrett Hoelscher on Controlled Caloric Intake Diets

Garrett Hoelscher

Less is more, says Garrett Hoelscher. While a healthy diet and a smart approach to eating is more than half the battle toward a lifetime of increased mental and physical energy, Garrett Hoelscher points out that a good many Americans aren’t sure how many calories they should consume. This lack of knowledge, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and a widespread emotional attachment to food, has taken its toll on the waistlines and the overall health of modern Americans.

Individuals who consume a higher number of calories than their body burns off in a 24-hour period are subject to numerous health problems, says Garrett Hoelscher. To begin with, acute overconsumption in a short period of time can cause temporary unpleasantries including any number of upsets to the digestive system, notes Garrett Hoelscher. Occasional overindulgence isn’t the core issue. The problem, according to Garrett Hoelscher, is widespread chronic overeating and it is an issue that needs to be addressed starting now.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Linda Evans

The Balancing Act

The following segment aired on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Linda Evans to discuss her new book.

The Balancing Act: Our next guest on “The Balancing Act” is a Golden Globe Award winning actress who has personified beauty and grace on screen and, of course, on stage from her role as Audra Barkley on the Big Valley—you remember that show—to the glamorous Krystle Carrington on Dynasty. Who could forget that show? She has starred on Broadway and has even won British TV’s competition “Hell’s Kitchen” and along the way she has met and dined with some of the biggest names in Hollywood history. She’s turned all of this into her latest book, “Recipes for Life, My Memories.” Linda Evans joins us on “The Balancing Act” this morning to talk about it. Good morning to you, Linda.