Tax Tiger Says Wage Garnishment Ruins Lives

  Tax Tiger

Tax Tiger

Behind on your taxes? Tax Tiger suggests getting help before the IRS takes away your means of supporting your family.

Tax Tiger reports that wage garnishment is the single most embarrassing aspect of IRS financial troubles for most taxpayers. This solitary action notifies numerous individuals about your monetary problems, often when you least expect it. According to Tax Tiger, your employer’s Payroll Administrator, Human Resources Office, and usually your direct supervisor are all alerted when a wage garnishment is about to initiate. This is not only uncomfortable for you but for your employer as well.

If you are facing IRS troubles, Tax Tiger insists that contacting someone for help sooner rather than later is your best defense against Uncle Sam. Unless stopped, a legal garnishment can strip you of most of your wages, leaving barely enough money to cover basic necessities like food and shelter. But with the right weapons, you can combat the IRS’s guerilla warfare. Tax Tiger suggests that it’s not a good idea to go it alone. You need a Tiger on your side… a Tax Tiger.

Tax Tiger offers an unsurpassed group of tax professionals who have the education, experience, and dogged determination to keep you afloat, and they know what relief programs you may qualify for. The IRS isn’t going to offer that information, says Tax Tiger, because their job is to accumulate, not to assist.

Unfortunately, the IRS is known for relentless collection tactics, states Tax Tiger, and often uses intimidation and threats to force a taxpayer into an agreement they cannot live up to. This never fails to make matters worse for all involved. You don’t want to fall into this category, remarks Tax Tiger.

How can Tax Tiger help? The professionals at Tax Tiger can secure a temporary hold on collection activities. This allows time for one of Tax Tiger’s agents to review the case and make a determination of what to do. Most people find that an Offer in Compromise is the best option, but Tax Tiger cautions that each situation is unique and the IRS does not offer a “one size fits all” method of relief.

You have rights and it’s your responsibility to understand and exercise them. Tax Tiger knows the law and can explain these rights without the confusing jargon often found in the IRS’s communications.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Tax Tiger today for a free and confidential analysis of your circumstances and protect your loved ones.

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