Stats and Facts on Philanthropic Giving | Stephen Edward Samuelian

Stephen Edward Samuelian is the Manager of the Samuelian Family Trust, a board Member of Rising Stars Outreach, and a strong community figure in his hometown of Laguna Beach, California. He has given extensively of his time, money, and resources over the last four decades. Today, we speak with Stephen Edward Samuelian to get the […]

Traveling to Italy’s Amalfi Coast | Bradley Thomas Giordano

Bradley Thomas Giordano

A trendy but peaceful resort town awaits travelers to Italy’s most picturesque coastline, says Bradley Thomas Giordano. Tucked away in the province of Salerno, Positano is a traditional fishing village on the Costiera Amalfitana, the Amalfi Coast.  According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, the area is now a popular tourist destination, and has even served as […]

Looking to Give? Do Your Research First, Says Business and Financial Expert Stephen Samuelian

Stephen Samuelian

Stephen Samuelian is a construction industry entrepreneur with decades of experience. He often mentors young professionals, many of whom are eager to share their newfound wealth with charitable organizations. While giving, says Samuelian, is a noble aspiration, the donor must consider the stability of the recipient non-profit before writing a check. Community Blog Online: We […]

New City, New Start: Best US Cities for Finding a New Job in 2015


If you’re having a hard time finding a job, you may want to consider packing your bags. But which city will up your chances of landing employment? Read on for the top cities in the US for young professionals or those seeking to start a new career in 2015. Cape Coral, Florida With 32 % […]

U.S. Department of Agriculture Introduces MyPlate

The days of the food pyramid are long gone. Federal dietary guidelines are now included in a new resource called MyPlate. Policymakers, food-industry executives and medical and nutrition experts are endeavoring to provide answers to many of the questions American consumers have about their dietary needs. MyPlate recommends that people fill half their plate with […]

Q & A with Paramount Song on International Superstar Taylor Swift

Paramount Song

A seven-time Grammy Award winner with 30 million copies sold worldwide, Taylor Swift has become one of the most popular artists in the worldwide music industry. Paramount Song traces the singer-songwriter’s unlikely journey and encourages songwriters from around the world to follow her example. Community Blog Online: Hello – how are you doing today? Paramount […]

Missouri Best, Nevada Worst in New Survey on U.S. Banking Conditions


A new study named Missouri and Kansas as the top two states for banking conditions. Kansas was cited for its broad range of banks and no failures within the past 12 months. With a total of more than 350 banks, Kansas reported no failures in 2013. However, the state ranked outside the top 10 […]

Marla Ahlgrimm Cautions Readers about Dangerous Household Chemicals

Marla Ahlgrimm

Items like countertop cleaners, hand soaps, home cleaning products and shampoos are household staples that may be troubling to a person’s health, according to women’s health expert Marla Ahlgrimm. Many of these household staples contain chemicals that may be of concerns to children and adults alike. In order to guide the Community Blog Online audience, […]

Ellerslie Training Challenges Students to Grow Closer to Jesus Christ

Ellerslie Training

Founded by pastor Eric Ludy, Ellerslie Training allows Christians to come together and explore the Scriptures in new and profound ways. In this interview with Community Blog Online, a representative from Ellerslie Training explains why this ground-breaking Bible school transcends trends and presents a curriculum that resonates with a wide audience. Community Blog Online: We’ve […]

Tips to Create a Productive Working Environment


Every great company leader starts out with their first management job. Many are effective and move up the corporate ladder because they know how to motivate. Here’s how: Maintain a respectable tone with employees Research indicates that bosses who use verbal intimidation to coerce their employees to perform actually hurt productivity. A clear mind is […]

Therapist Berni Fried Explores Drug Addiction and Treatment Options

Berni Fried

When individuals are struggling with the harsh reality of drug addiction, sobriety may appear to be an impossible reality, reports therapist Berni Fried. In this interview with Community Blog Online, Berni Fried explains why recovery is well within reach when a client is given the proper treatment and support. Community Blog Online: We’re so glad […]

Andrew Stolper Explores the Rich Possibilities of San Diego, California

Andrew Stolper

One of the most treasured vacation spots for Andrew Stolper is San Diego, California. San Diego is a city known primarily for its mild climate, beautiful beaches and natural deep-water harbor. In recent years, San Diego has also emerged as a development center for the biotechnology and healthcare systems, says Andrew Stolper. Much of this […]

Sophia Wong of YOR Health Offers Nutrition Tips for Summer

Sophia Wong YOR Health

According to Sophia Wong of YOR Health, the company’s products have been designed to keep consumers in tip-top shape 12 months a year. Sophia Wong and YOR Health are looking forward to the summer months hanging out by the beach or on the water. Below, Community Blog Online asks Sophia Wong of YOR Health about […]

C. Frederick Wehba Encourages the American Public to Support Boy Scouts of America

C. Frederick Wehba

A current volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), C. Frederick Wehba knows well the tremendous possibilities offered by this century-old organization. As an Eagle Scout, C. Frederick Wehba tested his mettle and proved victorious after a series of physical and mental challenges. C. Frederick Wehba credits the BSA with giving him the strength […]