BentleyForbes Explains Concept of Cash Flow for Real Estate Investing


BentleyForbes understands that purchasing property is one of the most utilized tools for making a profit in today’s business world. Although positive cash flow is not a guarantee when investing in real estate, working with an experienced company like BentleyForbes has proven beneficial for an assortment of investors. Simply put, cash flow is the movement […]

Kris Krohn, Strongbrook Group Founder, Defines the Proper Mindset for Real Estate Investors

Kris Krohn Strongbrook

According to Kris Krohn of The Strongbrook Group, motivation is one of the key factors in the area of real estate investing. Without the necessary dedication and drive, Kris Krohn of Strongbrook believes that clients are ill equipped to act. In this exclusive interview with Community Blog Online, Kris Krohn of Strongbrook shares his insight. […]

Damon Styles Teaches His Children the Value of Helping Others

Adam LaFavre

The young children of Damon Styles have been given an important set of beliefs and attitudes that drive them to excellence. Damon Styles encourages them to show kindness and generosity to all people while helping to alleviate some of their greatest frustrations and concerns. In this informative interview, Damon Styles shared a number of his […]

Kris Krohn on Using Real Estate as a Retirement Tool

Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn knows that as baby boomers near retirement age in record numbers, finances are an increasingly important issue. An experienced real estate investor, Kris Krohn founded the Strongbrook Group, where he and his colleagues work hard to help others succeed in their own real estate investment efforts. For many Americans, however, retirement may be […]

Larry Starr, Sarasota, Welcomes Visitors to the Cedars Café and Tiki Bar

Larry Starr Sarasota

In 2012, Larry Starr Sarasota based owner of Resort Vacation Accommodations (RVA) purchased Cedars Café and Tiki Bar along with the Cedars Tennis Resort on Longboat Key. Larry Starr says Sarasota and Longboat Key vacations are not complete without a visit to the Cedars. Community Blog Online: Please tell our readers a little about the […]

Tiffani Von Alvensleben Excels in Architectural Designs

Tiffani Von Alvensleben

When a businessperson is in the business of flipping houses, says Tiffani Von Alvensleben, he or she sees a lot of houses in dire need of updates. Tiffani Von Alvensleben has a resume that includes property management, real estate investment and interior design, giving her a knack for architectural overhauls for older houses. Along with […]

Frankie Bordeaux Opens Up About His Formative Years

Frankie Bordeaux

With a career that has spanned several decades and several professions, Frankie Bordeaux knows the value of hard work. With powerful lessons imparted by his mother and father about honesty, integrity, and belief in a job well done, Frankie Bordeaux has lived a well-rounded professional life. To learn more about how he got where he […]

Peter F. Spittler – Art and Architecture

Peter F. Spittler

The creative class has been a driving force that has breathed new life into many city centers, according to Peter F. Spittler. The arts, in particular, have contributed to the rebirth of a number of cities. As an example, Peter F. Spittler and GSI Inc. spearheaded the historic renovation of the Allen Theater in Cleveland, […]

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations: Top Things To Do in N.Y.C.

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations

According to the team at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations, New York City is epic and larger than life. The population is huge, the area is large and it has some of the best culture, food, arts and entertainment. Here, Pierre Bennett Global Vacations offers club members a quick guide to the best places to visit […]

Joe Aldeguer Talks about Homeownership Options after a Foreclosure and/or Bankruptcy

Joe Aldeguer

Chicagos Joe Aldeguer reports that these days, more Americans are facing their own personal financial crises and maybe facing foreclosure, or even bankruptcy. The real estate and finance expert recently sat down with staff to discuss what sort of long and short-term housing options are available for this ever-increasing group of Americans.