Q & A with Ian Woodman, Idaho based Instant Tax Solutions Co-founder

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, knows that for a tax professional, staying current on tax laws is a must. For the average taxpayer, however, this information can seem complex and hard to understand, explains Ian Woodman. Idaho residents have long depended on Instant Tax Solutions to carefully explain the changes in tax laws in an easy to understand manner. Today, Ian Woodman, Idaho tax professional, explains some important tax changes for 2012.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings: Avoid Common Filing Mistakes

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings

The Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team says that it’s never too early to think about next year’s filing season. Today Community Blog Online gets some helpful tax tips from this respected tax resolution firm.

Community Blog Online: Thank you for joining us today. We bet you are relieved that tax season is over.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: It is the same, every year; we expect it! People realize they are going to have issues and call on us for help.

Community Blog Online: Well, would you offer our readers some advice on how to avoid mistakes when they are filing at the last minute?

Steven P. Delarge Talks Successful Time Management

Steven P. Delarge

Steven P. Delarge has learned time management through personal experience and over years of successful business leadership. During this time, Steven P. Delarge discovered how to successfully free up time in his business calendar to do the things he loves most. Today, Delarge talks to Community Blog Online about ways executives can manage time to get more done in a day.

Community Blog Online: Steven P. Delarge, thank you for joining us today. We’re looking forward to finding out what you have found most effective in making extra time each day.

Arthur van der Vant Interview: Assignment of Benefit for Creditors

Arthur van der Vant

Recently, Arthur van der Vant spoke with CommunityBlogOnline about a process known as the Assignment for Benefit of Creditors, or ABC, and how it may help a business continue to operate when facing serious debt.

CommunityBlogOnline: Thank you, Arthur van der Vant, for speaking with us today.

Arthur van der Vant:It is certainly my pleasure.

Eloi Kummetz Brings Technology to African and South American Banking

Eloi Kummetz

For those who are old enough to remember, there was a time when banking meant going into a building and speaking with a teller in order to process a transaction. In many technology-driven countries, today’s bank transaction is generally with an ATM location, if not online, Eloi Kummetz points out. This sort of instant access to technology is one of the things that has driven Eloi Kummetz to focus Kummetz Corporation’s attentions on countries like Africa, where instant access to banks are a luxury, not a way of life.

Kummetz Corporation Establishes the Kummetz World Foundation

Kummetz Corporation

With initiatives to improve lifestyle and strengthen economies across the globe, Kummetz Corporation management has been working hard to make a difference by finding innovative ways to build business in areas that need it. In order to help with these efforts, Kummetz Corporation has established the Kummetz World Foundation to strengthen its cultural development efforts in Brazil.

Joe Aldeguer Talks about Homeownership Options after a Foreclosure and/or Bankruptcy

Joe Aldeguer

Chicagos Joe Aldeguer reports that these days, more Americans are facing their own personal financial crises and maybe facing foreclosure, or even bankruptcy. The real estate and finance expert recently sat down with CommunityBlogOnline.com staff to discuss what sort of long and short-term housing options are available for this ever-increasing group of Americans.

Instant Tax Solutions Offers Back Tax Relief

Instant Tax Solutions

America’s economy is in rough shape, leaving many citizens owing to various debtors. For taxpayers who find themselves owing the IRS for back taxes, Instant Tax Solutions reports that the IRS is more interested in working with taxpayers than ever. Post Falls, Idaho, based tax firm Instant Tax Solutions reports complaints to the IRS about […]

Charlotte, NC-based Rick Siskey Discusses How Investors Can Develop an Exit Strategy

Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC

Much like individuals don’t walk into marriage with divorce on their minds, investors don’t consider an end to their new financial relationship while the ink is still wet on the contract. But entrepreneur and angel investor Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC believes that it is important to consider an exit strategy at the outset.  Because […]

Rick Siskey | Overcoming Adversity

Richard Siskey

Charlotte, NC-based entrepreneur Rick Siskey knows first-hand that a success story without a little adversity makes for a flat narrative. It’s almost embedded in the human psyche to want to know that someone who’s achieved success has had to struggle as well. It helps the unattainable seem within arms’ reach, says Siskey. According to Rick […]

Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen on the Risks of Unreported Income

Instant Tax Solutions

When it comes to paying taxes, most taxpayers are careful and honest about reporting all of their income. However, Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen reports that some taxpayers simply don’t realize certain forms of income must be reported. Recently, Pedersen spoke to Community Blog Online about the dangers of leaving taxable items off of your […]

Richard Siskey Explains the Winning Principles of Management

Richard Siskey

Entrepreneur and angel investor Richard Siskey has created, financed and sold his fair share of businesses over the past thirty years. And while he was doing that he has distilled down some solid business principles that have guided many of his business decisions. Richard Siskey believes that it’s crucial to be an objective sounding board […]