Chuck Brennan Treats Employees to Star-Studded Evening

Is Chuck Brennan the best boss in America? Dollar Loan Center employees who attended a recent holiday party say ‘yes’.

An impressive introduction

Chuck Brennan isn’t your typical businessman. While other corporate types are begrudgingly doling out free turkeys at Christmas, last year Chuck Brennan treated his 500+ employees to an evening worthy of the red carpet. The night started out with Robby Krieger of the Doors paying tribute to the ladies of the crowd with his rendition of “L.A. Woman.” Later, Chuck Brennan introduced actor Val Kilmer as Krieger strummed out “Roadhouse Blues.” Kilmer, explains Chuck Brennan, portrayed the late, great Jim Morrison in the 1991 autobiographical film The Doors.

Comedy, Cooper and KISS

As the evening progressed, employees of the Las Vegas, Nevada–based Dollar Loan Center were given the gift of laughter as musical comedian Gary Mule Deer took center stage. Chuck Brennan later introduced rock legend Alice Cooper to the elated crowd. Cooper, along with Mick Fleetwood and Jack Blades, accompanied KISS band members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer onstage. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley—both friends of Chuck Brennan—mixed and mingled among the crowd during the performance. Chuck Brennan explains that he has a long relationship with KISS and they are his go-to source when he needs a big name to draw attention to a worthy cause.

More than fun

The party was more than just stars, singing and satire, says Chuck Brennan. The main event was the result: More than $300,000 was raised for child-related charities in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. Alice Cooper’s own Solid Rock Foundation took home an amazing $200,000 to help at-risk teens funnel their frustrations into music. During the event, Chuck Brennan announced that he and wife Mary would also donate $20,000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital on behalf of Robby Krieger and pledged an additional $10,000 to Rupert’s Kids.

Staff surprises

So, is Chuck Brennan really the best boss in America? According to the four employees who took home brand-new KISS Mini Coopers, Brennan is at least the best boss in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other staff members received gifts and prizes that ranged from $100 cash to a new car.

Founded by Chuck Brennan in 1998, Dollar Loan Center provides payday loan alternatives and short-term credit services to residents of Las Vegas, Nevada, South Dakota and Utah. Dollar Loan Center has been noted in Entrepreneur magazine as one of the Hot 500 Fastest-Growing Businesses and Enterprises in the United States.

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