Scott T. Sohr Opens up about Nolensville’s Premier Community, Winterset Woods

Scott T. Sohr

Scott T. Sohr

Growing up in Williamson County, Tennessee, Scott T. Sohr became familiar with the beauty of Middle Tennessee at a young age. Now a successful developer in the area, Scott T. Sohr says that Williamson County was an ideal spot for his next residential development. Sohr has developed several properties in and around Middle Tennessee in recent years, and he’s pleased to see area real estate begin to rebound. Today he spends a few minutes chatting with the staff of Community Blog Online.

Community Blog Online: Welcome to Community Blog Online, Scott T. Sohr. We would like to speak today about your new development, Winterset Woods. Can you tell us where this neighborhood is located?

Scott T. Sohr: Sure. Winterset Woods is located in Middle Tennessee in a small town called Nolensville. Nolensville is actually a wonderful place for raising a family. It’s in Williamson County, one of the most sought-after counties in the state. There’s of wealth of commerce in the area as well. Some of the finest schools in Tennessee are in Williamson County, and Winterset Woods is zoned for those schools.

Community Blog Online: Can you tell us more about the community of Winterset Woods?

Scott T. Sohr: It’s really the perfect small town atmosphere. Winterset Woods is a great family-oriented community that has everything for raising kids. As I mentioned, it has prime schools, it’s quiet and peaceful, and there’s a strong sense of community among the residents.

Community Blog Online: Scott T. Sohr, what are some of the amenities in the neighborhood?

Scott T. Sohr: For starters, we’ve got two swimming pools, which is just perfect for hot summer days when the kids are out of school and looking for a way to cool off. Winterset Woods offers great landscaping throughout the neighborhood, and we’re close to downtown Nolensville—which just increases the neighborhood’s homey and small town feel.

Community Blog Online: What are the homes in Winterset Woods like?

Scott T. Sohr: They are perfect for families, both in size and price point. We have 172 homes total in the neighborhood, which may sound like a very large development, however the neighborhood is designed in a way that builds a strong sense of community among all the residents.

Community Blog Online: Scott T. Sohr, you mentioned the sizes of the homes. Would you please tell our readers more about that?

Scott T. Sohr: Absolutely. The homes range in size from a little more than 2421 square feet all the way to 3,302 square feet. Most are built with brick and have two car garages.

Community Blog Online: And the price points?

Scott T. Sohr: The homes are priced for every budget; from $250,000 to $400,000 and beyond. The prices generally reflect the size and amenities of the homes.

Community Blog Online: Scott T. Sohr, what is your favorite thing about Winterset Woods and the town of Nolensville?

Scott T. Sohr: I love how peaceful everything is here, but also how close it is to the “action.” Nolensville is a short drive from Nashville, so parents can easily commute downtown for work, but their children will have access to the excellent educational opportunities in the Williamson County school system. It’s just a great community to raise a family in, and Winterset Woods is a perfect complement to such a unique town.

Community Blog Online: Thank for you sitting down with us, Scott T. Sohr.

Scott T. Sohr: The pleasure was mine.

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