Kale Flagg Discusses Creating Discipline in a Sales Force

Kale Flagg

Kale Flagg

Kale Flagg believes discipline is a determining factor in the success of a sales team. He says that the key to combating a lack of discipline is creating and maintaining an environment of motivation. Kale Flagg explains that the underlying premise behind motivation is the ability to control your environment.

According to Kale Flagg, people tend to find excuses, stating that they would be more successful if only… If only they had a college degree or were younger, older, richer, hungrier… As Kale Flagg explains, we could pair up opposites all day long–because for everyone who believes being younger is the key, there is someone who believes being older is the key. For everyone who thinks being richer is the key, Kale Flagg says that there is someone who thinks the motivation of a poverty-driven hunger is the key. And for everyone who believes education is the key, Kale Flagg proves him or her wrong by telling him or her his story.

In high school, Kale Flagg’s long time business partner, Rich Von, was a C and D student. In fact, Rich felt lucky to graduate. Von attended a community college, learning machine shop, welding, and other trades. Eventually Von dropped out. Then, Rich Von became a college dropout who made millions of dollars in business.

To those who insist a college education is a necessity for success, Kale Flagg changes the channel of the TV set that they are watching in their mind’s eye. Flagg encourages them to control their environment, to control that TV set, so that they can see the obstacle without letting the obstacle sidetrack them. As Kale Flagg puts it, people are who they hang out with. When people spend time with Kale Flagg, they learn he is positive, motivated, and passionate. By hanging out with him, they too begin to become positive, motivated, and passionate.

Kale Flagg firmly believes in the expression, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Flagg says you can spin a situation in any way you desire, choosing to either control your environment or have it control you. Most people react to their environment. They are happy when things go well and they are upset when things don’t. As a leader, you not only have to control your own environment, you have to control your people’s environment. This means you have to become a spin master, Kale Flagg adds. When one of his employees suffers a setback, Kale Flagg always asks him or her, “Are you more skilled at your job today than you were 30 days ago?” If the answer is yes, Flagg says he continues by saying, “Then there is no way you won’t succeed. Success is destined…as long as you keep improving.”

According to Flagg, if you become a master spin-doctor, your employees will soar and you will find yourself a very popular and successful leader. The key is to be positive 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. When things aren’t going right, you simply collect stories. Those stories will help someday when you’re at the top of that mountain and trying to encourage someone else.

Discipline, Kale Flagg emphasizes, is crucial to accomplishing success. Your trainings, presentations, and personal messages must constantly reinforce the concept that discipline is crucial to accomplishing success. When others witness your personal discipline, you’ll make the biggest impact, concludes Flagg.

Kale Flagg is a Reno, Nevada resident with a degree from Yale University. He is the force behind numerous business ventures, including the American Redevelopment Fund, LP and Array Asset Management, LLC.


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