Douglas Andrew Explains the Three Houses of Cash

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew has been a financial strategist for nearly four decades and during this time, he’s watched as Americans have dealt with the unpredictability of the market. Because of this, Douglas Andrew created the Missed Fortune series of books and videos to help clients realize their optimum wealth. Here are a few of the questions […]

Douglas Battista Says the Pittsburgh Pirates Remain an Inspiration

Douglas Battista

Despite an almost two decade long losing streak, the Pittsburgh Pirates serve a greater purpose than just winning athletic recognition, says Douglas Battista.

Douglas Battista grew up a Pirates fan; today, little has changed. Here, Community Blog Online catches up with the busy Human Resources Executive to see how his love of baseball has helped him stay true to his roots.

Community Blog Online: Good morning, Douglas Battista. Thank you for taking this time with us today. We appreciate the opportunity to speak with positive role models like you, to remind our readers the importance of appreciating the experiences of youth.