Kavin Austin Blake – Caribbean Destinations 101

Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake has spent years as a sport fishing enthusiast; over that space of time, Kavin Austin Blake has traveled to many exotic destinations in pursuit of a big catch. The pristine beaches and sparkling waters of the Caribbean hold a special allure for fishermen and travelers in general. Today, Kavin Austin Blake lists […]

Doug Battista Answers Questions About Eating Healthy

Doug Battista

Doug Battista has found that in the field of human resources, he often is called upon to act as counselor. Since part of HR is helping employees with insurance and medical issues, Doug Battista regularly talks to workers about ways to reduce medical costs by trying to live a healthier life. Living a healthy life cuts down on work absenteeism and medical bills, which reduces overall insurance costs on a corporation, Doug Battista believes.

It’s Time to Wash Those Canvas Grocery Bags

Most people are aware that plastic grocery bags can be harmful to the environment and more and more shoppers are choosing not to use them. In fact, some countries have an outright ban on them – including Bangladesh and Rwanda. Other cities in England, India, Australia and Mexico have started to ban or tax them as well. The United States has followed suit, with some cities – such as Los Angeles, California; Westport, Connecticut; Bethel, Alaska; Brownsville, Texas and Edmonds, Washington – banning plastic bags. And it looks like more will follow their lead. So, with canvas bags poised to become the primary transportation of groceries to home, what’s the best way to use and care for canvas bags? Community Blog Online has some tips for shoppers who are going greener.

Markus Lattner Discusses the Value of Personal Strengths Assessment

Markus Lattner

Markus Lattner believes when it comes to success in business, playing to one’s personal strengths is key. The first step, Markus Lattner says, is identifying exactly what those strengths are. For many, that self-knowledge only comes after decades in the workforce.

A quicker route to self-discovery, believes Markus Lattner, is in taking an unbiased assessment of your strengths. A number of books by Gallup are available which can be very helpful in pinpointing those strengths so that you can put them to work for you. These books, which began with the #1 Bestseller Strengths Finder 2.0 online assessment can make a big difference as you navigate the business world, according to Markus Lattner.

Douglas Battista Says the Pittsburgh Pirates Remain an Inspiration

Douglas Battista

Despite an almost two decade long losing streak, the Pittsburgh Pirates serve a greater purpose than just winning athletic recognition, says Douglas Battista.

Douglas Battista grew up a Pirates fan; today, little has changed. Here, Community Blog Online catches up with the busy Human Resources Executive to see how his love of baseball has helped him stay true to his roots.

Community Blog Online: Good morning, Douglas Battista. Thank you for taking this time with us today. We appreciate the opportunity to speak with positive role models like you, to remind our readers the importance of appreciating the experiences of youth.

Eat Less, Live Longer | Garrett Hoelscher on Controlled Caloric Intake Diets

Garrett Hoelscher

Less is more, says Garrett Hoelscher. While a healthy diet and a smart approach to eating is more than half the battle toward a lifetime of increased mental and physical energy, Garrett Hoelscher points out that a good many Americans aren’t sure how many calories they should consume. This lack of knowledge, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and a widespread emotional attachment to food, has taken its toll on the waistlines and the overall health of modern Americans.

Individuals who consume a higher number of calories than their body burns off in a 24-hour period are subject to numerous health problems, says Garrett Hoelscher. To begin with, acute overconsumption in a short period of time can cause temporary unpleasantries including any number of upsets to the digestive system, notes Garrett Hoelscher. Occasional overindulgence isn’t the core issue. The problem, according to Garrett Hoelscher, is widespread chronic overeating and it is an issue that needs to be addressed starting now.

Steven P. Delarge Talks Successful Time Management

Steven P. Delarge

Steven P. Delarge has learned time management through personal experience and over years of successful business leadership. During this time, Steven P. Delarge discovered how to successfully free up time in his business calendar to do the things he loves most. Today, Delarge talks to Community Blog Online about ways executives can manage time to get more done in a day.

Community Blog Online: Steven P. Delarge, thank you for joining us today. We’re looking forward to finding out what you have found most effective in making extra time each day.