Gary McClure on Austin Peay’s Victory Over Georgia Tech in 2011 NCAA Tournament

Gary McClure

The Austin Peay Governors is known as a winning team, says former head coach Gary McClure. And some of their victories stand out. In 2011, Gary McClure coached one such games when the Govs beat back Georgia Tech to take Game 1 of the NCAA tourney. Here, we speak with McClure about that memorable game. […]

Paul Savramis Featured in the New York Times

Paul Savramis

Paul Savramis remembers when this picture was featured in The New York Times, along with a statement from him on the importance of balance and perspective in future student athletes. As Paul Savramis explains, the article, published in 1998, centered on young athletes and their visions of NBA hopes. The article postulated that although a […]

Steven Delarge Talks About Tour de Cure

Steven Delarge

New York State-based executive Steven Delarge believes in supporting a good cause. Not only does get him involved as a vital part of the community, Steven Delarge feels that those who give back receive far more than they give. Today, Steven Delarge tells Community Blog Online about a cause that’s especially important to him, Tour de Cure.

Community Blog Online: How did you find out about Tour de Cure?

Steven Delarge: I was looking for a way to get my employees involved in the community when I heard about this event in Saratoga Springs that combines fun and support for a great cause.

Community Blog Online: Please tell us more.

Theodore Stroukoff Says that Golf is all about Focus

Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff has taken on many challenging sports in his life, including golf and ice skating. However, in recent years Theodore Stroukoff has found that the lessons he’s learned from developing a good golf game have translated well to his professional and personal life.

Golf is largely a mental game, Theodore Stroukoff explains, with laser-focus and sharp mental acuity being equally as important as physical strength. The term “keep your head in the game” never applies more than it does to the game of golf, and Theodore Stroukoff observes that many new golfers have difficulty learning to concentrate.