Charles C. Brennan: Rock Fans Glad Ratt and Dokken Safe Following Emergency Landing

Charles C. Brennan

Charles C. Brennan is not only the owner of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, he’s also an avid music fan, having personally worked with some of the best musicians in the business. Along with many other rock fans, the Las Vegas businessman was shaken by news that ’80s rock legends Ratt and Dokken were […]

Chuck Brennan Treats Employees to Star-Studded Evening


Is Chuck Brennan the best boss in America? Dollar Loan Center employees who attended a recent holiday party say ‘yes’. An impressive introduction Chuck Brennan isn’t your typical businessman. While other corporate types are begrudgingly doling out free turkeys at Christmas, last year Chuck Brennan treated his 500+ employees to an evening worthy of the […]