Douglas Andrew Explains the Three Houses of Cash

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew has been a financial strategist for nearly four decades and during this time, he’s watched as Americans have dealt with the unpredictability of the market. Because of this, Douglas Andrew created the Missed Fortune series of books and videos to help clients realize their optimum wealth. Here are a few of the questions Douglas Andrew is most often asked:

Q: Why are so many looking for financial hope?                               

Douglas Andrew: 2001-2011 was the worst decade since the Great Depression. We call this the “Lost Decade” because so many Americans ended the decade with less money than they had when they started the decade.

Q: So during this time, what was the rate of return that most Missed Fortune clients enjoyed?

Douglas Andrew: Most people, including myself, using the Missed Fortune system were able to leverage a rate of return averaging 7-10 percent.

Q: And your clients did this without being in the market?

Douglas Andrew: Yes. I’ve found my clients have never been happier to be out of the market.

Q: You gave up your licenses in 2005. Why?

Douglas Andrew: Well, after I was able to see so much success for my clients, and myself I decided to give them up and became a consumer advocate.

Q: How did your clients do during the “Lost Decade?”

Douglas Andrew: Most of my clients experienced a gain when other people were losing. In fact, many of them more than doubled their money.

Q: But now the market is turning around…

Douglas Andrew: No, it isn’t.  And now we have what I call the “triple whammy.” We have taxes and inflation in addition to the current unpredictable market volatility.

Q: Can you explain your “three houses” theory?

Douglas Andrew: I compare it to the story of “The Three Little Pigs.” There was the house of straw, which is the stock market.

Q: And the big, bad wolf can blow down the stock market.

Douglas Andrew: Precisely. Then there’s the house of sticks. This house would be the real estate market, which is a moderate risk. I invest in real estate, but my real estate equity does not stay parked there.

Q: What does the house of bricks represent?

Douglas Andrew: The house of bricks is where I put my serious cash. The strategy that keeps that money safe is outlined in the Missed Fortune series of books and videos.

Q: How do you keep your principal safe?

Douglas Andrew: The three basic elements of my plan are liquidity, safety, and earning predictable rates of return. I invite anyone who is interested in learning more about this to check out the Missed Fortune series.

Douglas Andrew’s books and videos are available at Using his unique Missed Fortune method of financial optimization, Andrew’s clients have been able to once again find financial hope.


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