Rick Dover is Passionate about Historic Preservation

Rick Dover

Rick Dover, General Manager of Family Pride Corporation, believes that building green is the responsible way to conduct business. Rick Dover has been directing the family firm, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, since 1993. Rick Dover oversees construction projects with the opinion that it is Family Pride Corporation’s responsibility to leave behind the smallest ecological footprint […]

Q & A with Matt Schilit: Using iPads as a School Administrator

Matt Schilit

Matt Schilit is a longtime school administrator, having served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. In his current position with the Allendale County School District, Matt Schilit leads all data, evaluation, and testing. Since testing is an integral part of a school’s funding, it is important for school systems to find a leader with […]

Peter Spittler Architectural Services – Aesthetics and Sustainability in Architecture

Peter Spittler Architectural Services

According to Peter Spittler Architectural Services, classical architectural designs are often lauded as masterpieces that show ingenuity and talent that has been lost in modern times. But in reality, even though the demands of the modern world have changed, many of those designs are still possible, affirms the team at Peter Spittler Architectural Services. Not […]

Scott Sohr Discusses Development in Williamson County

Scott Sohr

For every neighborhood in America, there’s a developer who pioneered the project. And for many neighborhoods in Williamson County, Tennessee, an individual like Scott Sohr was that pioneer. Land developers like Scott Sohr claim their stake on large plots of land with uncertain futures, and after much careful deliberation and research, they sketch out a […]

Jeffrey Nimer – Preparing a Holiday Dinner Serving Prime Rib

Jeffrey Nimer

During the holidays, Jeffrey Nimer has always been drawn to cooking large cuts of standing rib roasts, game birds etc. Christmas time is a special time for him as the family gets together with friends to enjoy the bountiful slow roasted meats. Jeffrey Nimer says he is partial to the Prime Rib of beef and […]

A Conversation with Jay P. Clark

Jay P. Clark

Jay P. Clark is the owner and CEO of Clark’s Crystal Springs Ranch, LLC, in Mountain Home, Idaho. Recently, the staff of Community Blog Online spoke with Jay P. Clark about the challenges and rewards of family life. Community Blog Online: Thanks for taking some time to speak with us today… Jay P. Clark: Absolutely, […]

Donald Leon Farrow Talks About Lighting for Great Pictures

Donald Leon Farrow

Donald Leon Farrow has the detail and focus of a nurse anesthetist. So as a freelance photographer, Donald Leon Farrow naturally began breaking down the elements of what makes a good picture. While both composition and aperture are important, Donald Leon Farrow has learned the important role lighting plays in the art of photography. Recently, […]

Steven P. Delarge Talks Successful Time Management

Steven P. Delarge

Steven P. Delarge has learned time management through personal experience and over years of successful business leadership. During this time, Steven P. Delarge discovered how to successfully free up time in his business calendar to do the things he loves most. Today, Delarge talks to Community Blog Online about ways executives can manage time to get more done in a day.

Community Blog Online: Steven P. Delarge, thank you for joining us today. We’re looking forward to finding out what you have found most effective in making extra time each day.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Linda Evans

The Balancing Act

The following segment aired on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Linda Evans to discuss her new book.

The Balancing Act: Our next guest on “The Balancing Act” is a Golden Globe Award winning actress who has personified beauty and grace on screen and, of course, on stage from her role as Audra Barkley on the Big Valley—you remember that show—to the glamorous Krystle Carrington on Dynasty. Who could forget that show? She has starred on Broadway and has even won British TV’s competition “Hell’s Kitchen” and along the way she has met and dined with some of the biggest names in Hollywood history. She’s turned all of this into her latest book, “Recipes for Life, My Memories.” Linda Evans joins us on “The Balancing Act” this morning to talk about it. Good morning to you, Linda.

Pittsburgh’s Joe Zanotti Works to Increase Volunteerism

Joe Zanotti

According to Joe Zanotti, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the number of Americans who perform volunteer work has dropped slightly. Despite these reports, native Pittsburgh resident Zanotti hopes that more people will experience the same joy he found while volunteering. Joe Zanotti has volunteered with the Pittsburgh Family House, where people stay […]

Dave Ramsey supports Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries

Nancy Alcorn

Nancy Alcorn and Dave Ramsey have known and supported each other for many years.  And one of the things that cements their friendship, says Nancy Alcorn, is the joy of teaching people to find release from the issues that can enslave them. People can find themselves mired in financial indebtedness, and they can also find […]

Guy Riordan Discusses Hunter Safety

Guy Riordan

“I love the outdoors. I love to hunt and fish. Yet, there are some very real dangers,” acknowledges Guy Riordan. The outdoor enthusiast and former game preserve owner understands the importance of hunter safety training. Riordan believes that lessons learned in hunter safety are universal, whether someone is hunting in the woods or practicing on […]

Randall Alifano | Overcoming Negative Patterns


Randall Alifano believes in the spiritual view of inclusion. He also ardently feels that every human being brings truth to the world and the people around them. According to Alifano, religious convictions are as diverse as the people who hold them. The world does not deliver one truth – it delivers all of them. The […]

Mario Romano Says Education and Empowerment Are Important for Team Building

Mario Romano

Empowerment and education are the two most important things to create a successful team, according to Mario Romano. Romano, a highly successful Wall Street Investor with more than 25 years of experience, knows that when a team is educated and empowered there “is no stopping them.” Mario Romano uses his company Wealth Engineering, co-founded with […]