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Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Businessman and entrepreneur Jeffrey Kale Flagg says that in order to be prosperous, especially in a sales, management or executive position, you must motivate people to do the things that will open a pathway to success.

In the fall of 1996, Jeffrey Kale Flagg was on a golf vacation in the Hill Country of South Texas, about an hour and a half outside San Antonio. Flagg loves the game but freely admits that he is not a great golfer; and admits, tongue in cheek, that his favorite club is a foot wedge.

The country club was the site of the very first golf lesson that Jeffrey Kale Flagg ever received from a pro.  The golf pro had Jeffrey Kale Flagg hit 20 to 25 balls while he watched. Then, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, the pro said something that has always, to this day, stuck with Flagg. The pro said that that he could give Flagg instructions on his grip, stance, breathing, follow-through, extension and foot position–but he wasn’t going to. The instructor explained that it was more important for Jeffrey Kale Flagg to remember that “at its essence, golf is about a kid taking a whack at a ball–it’s an athletic movement–and nothing should ever confuse that fact.” He repeated this mantra to over and over, recalls Jeffrey Kale Flagg. “Don’t complicate it!  You’re just whacking a ball!”

According to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, the key in sales is getting people to make and keep their commitments to you- “getting people to do stuff.” At the end of the day, you have to understand that if you are going to get paid, you have to get people to make commitments, and to keep them.

Jeffrey Kale Flagg points out that some very successful sales reps intrigue people and get them to follow because of their passion, confidence and energy; some sales reps may motivate people to follow them based on some inherent sweetness and sincerity. Some, points out Jeffrey Kale Flagg, use humor, goodwill and compassion while others have charisma, beauty, or an unbelievable sense of urgency. Everyone offers something unique and different but they all bring something to the table that allows them to win.

Think about it. Even before you could speak, you’ve been doing something that won people over; that made others want to help you – that made you attractive and unique. Jeffrey Kale Flagg asks, what is your key? Craziness? Energy? Passion? Fear of loss? Guilt? Quick and humorous wit? Dependability? Sex appeal? Facts and figures?

To be successful in sales, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, you must use your basic talents. Much like in golf you just have to use a simple swing – to garner attention and to “get the ball in the air” so to speak. The essence of sales is getting people to do stuff. Jeffrey Kale Flagg says it’s the only thing that creates results. And, like golf, once you find your swing, the rest of the refinement just adds to the bounty ahead, concludes Flagg.

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