Douglas Andrew Explains the Three Houses of Cash

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew has been a financial strategist for nearly four decades and during this time, he’s watched as Americans have dealt with the unpredictability of the market. Because of this, Douglas Andrew created the Missed Fortune series of books and videos to help clients realize their optimum wealth. Here are a few of the questions […]

Missed Fortune Discusses the Three Biggest Dangers to Retirees

Missed Fortune

Missed Fortune founder Doug Andrew has coached many clients to successful retirement through the Missed Fortune workshops and videos. In this brief article, he outlines three major things most Americans are facing in today’s economy:

Taxes—Most Americans are dealing with concerns about their current taxes, but they’re especially concerned about their future taxes.
Inflation—With the rate at which our country is spending money, Missed Fortune is getting many questions from individuals about what will happen with inflation in the coming years.
Market uncertainty—It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this level of volatility in the market, says the Missed Fortune founder, with the market diving and then rebounding, often netting no growth.