Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, Suggests Vitamins and Nutrients that Can Be Helpful in Preventing Illness


For Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, the ability to educate seniors on their nutritional needs is a gratifying experience. Below, he explains the adjustments that older individuals must make in their daily diets. Community Blog: Why is proper nutrition so critical for senior adults? Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: As we age, our bodies […]

Q&A with Pam Gray: Gardens Are Rich Havens for Local Wildlife

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living

Creating a wildlife-friendly habitat can be a fun and pleasing experience for any age, whether in a big city, a small backyard or a rural area with acres of land. Therefore, Pam Gray, Chief Operating Officer at Bonaventure Senior Living, is not surprised that the gardening club at Bonaventure is one of the most popular […]