Doug Battista Answers Questions About Eating Healthy

Doug Battista

Doug Battista

Doug Battista has found that in the field of human resources, he often is called upon to act as counselor. Since part of HR is helping employees with insurance and medical issues, Doug Battista regularly talks to workers about ways to reduce medical costs by trying to live a healthier life. Living a healthy life cuts down on work absenteeism and medical bills, which reduces overall insurance costs on a corporation, Doug Battista believes.

Added to his everyday tasks is the fact that Doug Battista is the President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig, one of the world’s foremost weight loss plans. Eating healthy and exercising is a part of everything Jenny Craig stands for, Doug Battista reminds us. And eating healthy and exercising has always been an important part of Doug Battista’s daily life. Today, he talks to Community Blog Online about how he stays healthy.

Community Blog Online: As companies have tried to cut back on insurance costs, more attention is being paid to the health and wellness of employees. Have you seen that in your HR work?

Doug Battista: Yes. Jenny Craig and Nestlé are both committed to the health of employees, and often HR is called upon to encourage employees in this area.

Community Blog Online: What can companies do to encourage employees?

Doug Battista: Wellness programs are a great incentive. They provide qualified health counselors to work with employees on living healthier.

Community Blog Online: Having a gym on site would be nice, too.

Doug Battista: Absolutely. If a company can afford it, allowing employees to work out on breaks and during lunch is a great motivator. But if that isn’t a possibility, just encouraging employees to walk outside can help.

Community Blog Online: I know in some offices, bosses bring in doughnuts to reward employees.

Doug Battista: This sends the wrong message. Employers should instead consider providing free bottled water and setting out fruit bowls for employees.

Community Blog Online: I’m not sure employees will be excited about that.

Doug Battista: Employers should consider the drop in productivity that occurs once the sugar high wears off. Not to mention the impact on insurance premiums and lot work time for such conditions as diabetes and heart disease.

Community Blog Online: You’re a big supporter of CrossFit. Can you explain what that is?

Doug Battista: Sure. It’s a high-impact twenty-minute exercise that varies from day to day, based on what the company posts on its website. It’s part of my weekly workout routine and it has changed my life.

Community Blog Online: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us today.

Doug Battista: You are very welcome.

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