Eat Less, Live Longer | Garrett Hoelscher on Controlled Caloric Intake Diets

Garrett Hoelscher

Less is more, says Garrett Hoelscher. While a healthy diet and a smart approach to eating is more than half the battle toward a lifetime of increased mental and physical energy, Garrett Hoelscher points out that a good many Americans aren’t sure how many calories they should consume. This lack of knowledge, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and a widespread emotional attachment to food, has taken its toll on the waistlines and the overall health of modern Americans.

Individuals who consume a higher number of calories than their body burns off in a 24-hour period are subject to numerous health problems, says Garrett Hoelscher. To begin with, acute overconsumption in a short period of time can cause temporary unpleasantries including any number of upsets to the digestive system, notes Garrett Hoelscher. Occasional overindulgence isn’t the core issue. The problem, according to Garrett Hoelscher, is widespread chronic overeating and it is an issue that needs to be addressed starting now.