YORHealth Testimonial: Rocio Almirudis & Ruben Gaytan, Leon, GT Mexico




YORHealth formulates cutting edge health and wellness products for customers around the globe. The California-based company specializes in nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes. After 30 years of groundbreaking research, YORHealth products are formulated with the finest ingredients and are tested before distribution. YORHealth believes that it is not what we eat, but what we absorb that matters most when it comes to nutrients.

YORHealth has a line of supplements that encourages the body’s use of nutrients, working with natural processes to help improve absorption and enzyme production. YORHealth also has delicious and nutritious vanilla and chocolate shakes which are packed with protein, vitamins and antioxidants.  For years, loyal customers have been enjoying optimal health and well-being with the help of YORHealth products.

Recently, Rocio Almirudis and Ruben Gaytan took time to tell their story and how YORHealth changed their lives for the better.

We were born in Cd. Obregon, Sonora. We grew up in very similar families where our parents gave us a lot of love and tried to give us the best. We studied at private colleges, we even have the same profession, we are public accountants, and we are high school sweethearts. We got married 18 years ago and God blessed us with 3 sons, Ruben 14 years old, Hector Javier 13 years old, and Roberto 11 years old. They are our most precious treasure!

During our married life we’ve had financial ups and downs; we have faced different situations and challenges, moments when we didn’t know how we were going to provide the best for our sons.

Four years ago we came to live in Leon, Guanajuato because Ruben got promoted. I was a 100% housewife and we were in a very comfortable situation, the best we had ever had. When I was introduced to YORHealth, I saw very good products that could help me. Without hesitation I started to take the YORHealth products and I loved them! And that’s how I got involved in YORHealth. I started to get checks in US dollars, I began to be around very joyful and positive people that wanted to make a difference, and I liked it very much!!! I started YORHealth as a hobby, as a PLAN B for the family.

And a few months ago we faced another financial challenge. Ruben, after having worked for a company for 8 years and having an impeccable record, lost his job. We went through a very difficult situation because our expenses were very high, we were living a good life, and of course we didn’t want to give it up! That’s when we really realized that YORHealth could save us from this situation because here there are no income limits and that’s when we saw it as a great business, so we decided to do it right.

Today we are happy!!! What was our plan B became plan A for our family. We are very happy to be able to work as a couple; YORHealth is now our life project. Now we can travel together without having to ask permission from a company, we can spend vacations with our family without thinking about the return date, we can go to any of our sons’ activities in spite of the time, we have better health, we have more self-awareness and we now have a very big mission in life. We share YORHealth with as many people as possible because THERE IS a better way to live where you can have better health, more money and time to spend it with our family. YORHealth is incredible!!!

We want to thank our mentors at YORHealth Azyadeh Gutierrez & Salvador Fragoso for being our support, the entire YORHealth team for trusting us and for their effort, our families for their support and comprehension, YORHealth founder Dennis Wong for his kindness and friendship, and we thank God for so many blessings! And thank you, YORHealth for changing the course of our lives!

For more information about YORHealth, go online to yorhealth.com.

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