Dennis Wong, “YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board Member Daniel Jacobs a True “Miracle Man”

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, opens up about YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board Member Daniel Jacobs. Q: Who is Daniel Jacobs? Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He is a world-renowned, four-time Golden Globe Championship Middleweight boxer from Brooklyn. He is also an esteemed member of the YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board. Q: Why the nickname “Miracle […]

Sophia Wong of YOR Health Offers Nutrition Tips for Summer

Sophia Wong YOR Health

According to Sophia Wong of YOR Health, the company’s products have been designed to keep consumers in tip-top shape 12 months a year. Sophia Wong and YOR Health are looking forward to the summer months hanging out by the beach or on the water. Below, Community Blog Online asks Sophia Wong of YOR Health about […]

YOR Health Products: YOR Digest Ultra Supports Healthy Digestion and More

YOR Health Products

YOR Health products are designed to maximize nutritional benefits and support members across the globe on their journey to better health. YOR Health offers nutritional shakes, supplements and convenience sets. To ensure excellence, YOR Health products contain only pure, premium quality ingredients. In the following interview with Community Blog, YOR Health describes the highly effective yet […]

YORHealth Testimonial: Rocio Almirudis & Ruben Gaytan, Leon, GT Mexico


  YORHealth formulates cutting edge health and wellness products for customers around the globe. The California-based company specializes in nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes. After 30 years of groundbreaking research, YORHealth products are formulated with the finest ingredients and are tested before distribution. YORHealth believes that it is not what we eat, but what […]

YOR Health Independent Representatives Share Their Stories

YOR Health

  YOR Health is far more than just a nutritional supplement company – it is a culture of supportive individuals working to help each other achieve their fitness and well-being goals. Through the company’s body transformation contest, the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, YOR Health customers and Independent Representatives may offer encouragement to participants through […]