Roger Stanton Explains the Use of Research Methods in Cognitive Science

Roger Stanton

According to Roger Stanton, cognitive science is an endlessly fascinating topic that yields a number of interesting results. Over his career, Roger Stanton has studied how the human brain works – and what behavior results from various forms of stimuli.  In this interview, Roger Stanton shares the various aspects of cognitive science. Community Blog: Hello […]

Charles C. Brennan: Rock Fans Glad Ratt and Dokken Safe Following Emergency Landing

Charles C. Brennan

Charles C. Brennan is not only the owner of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, he’s also an avid music fan, having personally worked with some of the best musicians in the business. Along with many other rock fans, the Las Vegas businessman was shaken by news that ’80s rock legends Ratt and Dokken were […]

Nationwide Relocation Services Discusses IRS Moving Deductions

Nationwide Relocation Services

Moving involves serious time and effort, and it can cost a significant amount of money as well. Below, Nationwide Relocation Services explains how the IRS determines your eligibility for moving deductions when paying federal and state taxes. Community Blog: When is an individual eligible for moving deductions? Nationwide Relocation Services: If the move is related […]

Phillip Elden Recalls His First Ascent Up Famous Peak Mount Hood


According to Oregon native Phillip Elden, the picturesque scenery of the Northwest is appealing to both long-time residents and short-term visitors alike. As an active environmentalist, Phillip Elden believes that nature is something that should be cherished and respected. Below, Phillip Elden recalls the precious memories of his experience climbing Mount Hood. Community Blog: Welcome, […]

Dave Contarino Explains Horse Qualifying in the Kentucky Derby

137th Kentucky Derby - Preview Day

A regular attendee of the Kentucky Derby, Dave Contarino explains how horses are entered and selected for horse racing’s most prominent event. Community Blog: What are the basic requirements for Kentucky Derby qualification? Dave Contarino: First of all, the entry must be a 3-year-old thoroughbred horse that ranks in the top 20 in grades stakes […]

Kris Krohn on Using Real Estate as a Retirement Tool

Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn knows that as baby boomers near retirement age in record numbers, finances are an increasingly important issue. An experienced real estate investor, Kris Krohn founded the Strongbrook Group, where he and his colleagues work hard to help others succeed in their own real estate investment efforts. For many Americans, however, retirement may be […]

Green Water Technologies on Water Softening


What is water softening, what does it mean for the average homeowner, and how does it work? Green Water Technologies answers these questions and more in today’s one-on-one interview. Community Blog: Good morning. Thank you for taking time to chat with us today. Green Water Technologies: No problem. Community Blog: So, what is water softening? […]

YOR Health Products: YOR Digest Ultra Supports Healthy Digestion and More

YOR Health Products

YOR Health products are designed to maximize nutritional benefits and support members across the globe on their journey to better health. YOR Health offers nutritional shakes, supplements and convenience sets. To ensure excellence, YOR Health products contain only pure, premium quality ingredients. In the following interview with Community Blog, YOR Health describes the highly effective yet […]

Derrick Strauss Says Real Estate Market Advancing Toward Recovery

Derrick Strauss

It’s hard to believe, says Derrick Strauss, that it’s been seven years since the real estate market crumbled almost instantly. Today, Derrick Strauss, marketing manager for All Western Mortgage, says that home prices are well on the road to recovery but have yet to match all-time highs. Summer surge            According to Derrick Strauss, June 2013 […]

All State Van Lines Relocation – Tips for Moving With Pets


As one of the largest moving brokerages in the country, All State Van Lines Relocation knows that moving to a new home can be stressful for anyone. But managing a pet during a move can make the situation even more overwhelming. With a little consideration and planning, however, it doesn’t have to be difficult on […]

A Lighthearted Chat With Paul Kadri on His Favorite Hobby


If you come across Paul Kadri you will find someone who can appear physically intimidating. His 5’11” 290-pound frame is paired with a deep and fast-talking voice. If you were to follow the normal stereotypes, you can imagine that he collects snakes, beer bottles, or license plates. One probably wouldn’t guess teddy bears. In this […]

Aldo Disorbo and Nationwide Relocation Services Bring Christmas Joy to Broward County Boys & Girls Club

Aldo-Disorbo-Christmas-Child-Community Blog Online

Committed to supporting community-based programs, Aldo Disorbo and Nationwide Relocation Services bring Christmas gifts to Boys & Girls Club program children in Broward County, Fla. Here, Aldo Disorbo discusses the motivation for his community outreach efforts. Community Blog: Aldo Disorbo, tell us how you got involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs. Aldo Disorbo: I […]

Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon on the Past, Present and Future of KSA

KSA-Kosher-Logo (2)

Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon, lead certification administrator of Kosher Supervision of America (KSA), encourages consumers to consider a kosher diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. Q: When was KSA founded? Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon: KSA was first launched in 1996 in response to a growing need for kosher certification in West Coast food manufacturers. Today, KSA […]

Thoughts on Starting a New Independent Pharmacy


As the healthcare industry continues to experience a series of rapid changes, a pharmacist must meet current demands while adapting to new standards in technology and customer care. One of the most important things is to pay close attention to patients’ needs. It is by listening to those who seek pharmaceutical services that the real […]

Tips on Preparing for a Home Move


Planning a home move can be one of the most challenging experiences in a person’s life. However, a few handy tips will help to keep stress at bay. The first essential step is to dedicate a significant period of time to a home move. Some people choose to schedule just part of the day for […]