Kris Krohn on Using Real Estate as a Retirement Tool

Kris KrohnKris Krohn knows that as baby boomers near retirement age in record numbers, finances are an increasingly important issue. An experienced real estate investor, Kris Krohn founded the Strongbrook Group, where he and his colleagues work hard to help others succeed in their own real estate investment efforts.

For many Americans, however, retirement may be delayed due to the economic downturn of recent years, Kris Krohn has found. Those who were relying on investments like 401(k)s and other traditional forms like IRAs tell Kris Krohn that money they once counted on to fund retirement is no longer in place.

Complicating matters, Kris Krohn realizes, that many investors receive conflicting information. Kris Krohn finds that many advisors, as well as government advisors, recommend 401(k) accounts for retirement savings. Many accountants who specialize in taxes recommend IRAs, notes Kris Krohn. As Kris Krohn points out, society at large often recommends that homeowners pay off the house they own. Kris Krohn asks the question, do any of those options pay back an investor regularly? If they don’t, a retiree can’t count on those assets to pay for retirement, let alone leave money behind for their children and grandchildren, says Kris Krohn.

Kris Krohn has found that the best investment option is real estate. But many aspiring real estate investors aren’t sure how to get started. The Strongbrook Group puts its expertise in real estate to work for its diverse group of clients, handling everything from finding great deals for its clients, to purchasing and preparing homes, all the way through to putting homes on the market to maximize profits for clients.

According to Kris Krohn, Strongbrook handles everything for investors in a way that both cuts down on tax burdens and minimizes investor risk. Kris Krohn describes that all of this, when put together, helps investors amass a passive income that can help take care of them throughout retirement.

For the many baby boomers concerned about building a nest egg in time for retirement, Kris Krohn believes Strongbrook is the perfect solution. In as little as five years, boomers can have the money they need to retire comfortably. Kris Krohn says each Strongbrook client receives a Game Plan Report that outlines how a client’s current resources can be utilized to provide a lifelong source of incoming revenue. The report provides a guide that can easily be followed to help clients achieve the results they desire.

When clients contact Strongbrook for help, Kris Krohn and his team help them start small, beginning with one property to learn how the process works. Strongbrook helps clients learn to apply the many tools necessary to have success in real estate investing, including refinancing strategically and working with profits earned from capital gains to reduce tax burdens.

Kris Krohn believes in the power of having money spread across a variety of investments. This process not only increases a person’s cash flow, but Kris Krohn says it also is one of Strongbrook’s secrets to help clients speed up the growth of their funds.

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