Green Water Technologies on Water Softening

Green-Water-Technologies-Water-GlassWhat is water softening, what does it mean for the average homeowner, and how does it work? Green Water Technologies answers these questions and more in today’s one-on-one interview.

Community Blog: Good morning. Thank you for taking time to chat with us today.

Green Water Technologies: No problem.

Community Blog: So, what is water softening?

Green Water Technologies: It is the process by which certain impurities are removed from hard, unconditioned water. Even when treated according to EPA guidelines, water may contain certain constituents and other minerals that affect how water tastes, smells and looks.

Community Blog: Is that why water sometimes smells like old eggs?

Green Water Technologies: That is a different problem altogether—that is a certain type of gas that gets trapped in the pipe. Water softening can help with that, but it may require additional filtration.

Community Blog: What are some telltale signs of hard water’s presence?

Green Water Technologies: Rust stains and limestone spots in areas where water is used are sure signs. It is not necessarily harmful to humans or pets but residues left behind can damage pipes and cause appliances to fail prematurely. The domino effect is even worse—appliance failure means higher energy consumption and more trash in landfills.

Community Blog: What else does hard water affect?

Green Water Technologies: Washing clothes in hard water can take its toll on fabrics, causing material to fade or wear quickly. Clothing can become uncomfortable and irritating. The skin is also affected. Washing with this hard water can cause dryness and encourage overuse of chemicals to treat dehydrated skin and hair.

Community Blog: How can a homeowner or business soften their water?

Green Water Technologies: This is typically done through an ion exchange water treatment system.

Community Blog: Before we close, can you tell us about the products your company provides?

Green Water Technologies: We are the exclusive distributor in the San Antonio area for the Pro Elite Professional Water Treatment System by GE. This is an energy efficient and Energy Star–certified system that we support fully through well-trained staff and caring company representatives.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Green Water Technologies is an official GE dealer of the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System. By offering free consultations, military discounts, and financing, Green Water Technologies makes it more possible to rid homes of undesired extras found in most residential water. For more information or to chat live with a company representative, visit

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