Kris Krohn, Strongbrook Group Founder, Defines the Proper Mindset for Real Estate Investors

Kris Krohn Strongbrook

According to Kris Krohn of The Strongbrook Group, motivation is one of the key factors in the area of real estate investing. Without the necessary dedication and drive, Kris Krohn of Strongbrook believes that clients are ill equipped to act. In this exclusive interview with Community Blog Online, Kris Krohn of Strongbrook shares his insight. […]

Kris Krohn on Using Real Estate as a Retirement Tool

Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn knows that as baby boomers near retirement age in record numbers, finances are an increasingly important issue. An experienced real estate investor, Kris Krohn founded the Strongbrook Group, where he and his colleagues work hard to help others succeed in their own real estate investment efforts. For many Americans, however, retirement may be […]