YOR Health Products: YOR Digest Ultra Supports Healthy Digestion and More

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health products are designed to maximize nutritional benefits and support members across the globe on their journey to better health. YOR Health offers nutritional shakes, supplements and convenience sets. To ensure excellence, YOR Health products contain only pure, premium quality ingredients. In the following interview with Community Blog, YOR Health describes the highly effective yet gentle YOR Digest Ultra.

Community Blog: What is YOR Digest Ultra?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Digest Ultra is a high-potency digestive product featuring the patent-protected YOR NDS, which stands for nutritional delivery system. This formula is gentle and derived from plant enzymes.

Community Blog: What benefits does YOR Digest Ultra provide?

YOR Health Products Team: In addition to supporting healthy digestion, this full spectrum formula supports energy production, weight management, healthy fat metabolism, and brain function.

Community Blog: What role do the enzymes play in YOR Digest Ultra?

YOR Health Products Team: The enzyme blend improves nutrient absorption in order to maximize the benefits of nutritional intake. Enzymes boost energy, improve general well-being, and support a better quality of life.

Community Blog: How does YOR Digest Ultra compare to other enzyme products on the market?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Digest Ultra is two to three times stronger and more effective than most enzyme products currently on the market, yet it is still safe and gentle. Only one capsule needs to be taken daily to receive maximum results.

Community Blog: Who would benefit the most from YOR Digest Ultra?

YOR Health Products Team: No one’s enzyme-building capacity is challenged more than the elderly as a result of time, energy and age-related decline. Therefore, seniors would highly benefit from YOR Digest Ultra. In fact, a study with seniors over the age of 65 revealed that those who consumed the enzyme blend showed significant improvement in overall health.

For more information on this health products company, please visit yorhealth.com.

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