Dennis Wong, “YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board Member Daniel Jacobs a True “Miracle Man”

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, opens up about YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board Member Daniel Jacobs.

Q: Who is Daniel Jacobs?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He is a world-renowned, four-time Golden Globe Championship Middleweight boxer from Brooklyn. He is also an esteemed member of the YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board.

Q: Why the nickname “Miracle Man?”

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Daniel is an amazing athlete that pulled himself out of a bad situation through sheer desire and perseverance.

Q: What kind of situation?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Daniel grew up in an area of Brooklyn known as “The Wasteland.” Nearly 40% of all families in the area were below the poverty line and there was drugs and violence everywhere. Daniel and his older brother were fighting daily – both literally and figuratively – just to survive.

Q: But then things changed?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes, when Daniel was 15, he found his place in life…where he fit. That just happened to be inside of boxing gloves.

Q: 15 is really young to start boxing professionally.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He floated around the amateur circuit for a while. He didn’t sign as a pro until 2007. At that time, he partnered with Golden Boy Promotions which was founded by boxing legend Oscar De la Hoya and found himself managed by none other than Al Haymon. But, it was 2008 that really changed his life.

Q: What happened in ’08?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Daniel was chosen out of hundreds of others as an alternate for the USA Olympic Boxing Team.

Q: What are some of Jacobs’ notable fights?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: What stands out the most is his 2010 fight against Juan Astorga. This was his 20th consecutive win as a professional. It was a special night as not only did Daniel defend his NABO title, he did so on his home turf. He feels that showing a positive alternative to street fighting is something his community desperately needs.

Q: How did Jacobs come to YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Like most of our customers, he was ready for a change in his health. He was already fit but when you find something that truly works to better you from the inside out, you stick to it.

Q: What products does Daniel Jacobs use?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He is enthusiastic about all YOR Health products. But for someone in his position, I’d say that YOR Repair Ultra would be a great supplement. It helps the muscles recover after strain…and he definitely strains his muscles!

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