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YOR Health is far more than just a nutritional supplement company – it is a culture of supportive individuals working to help each other achieve their fitness and well-being goals. Through the company’s body transformation contest, the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, YOR Health customers and Independent Representatives may offer encouragement to participants through positive social interaction. YOR Health was founded in 2008 and is based out of Irvine, California. Here, three YOR Health team members share their stories.

Cris Esteve & Cristina Treviño, Tampico, TM Mexico

We both went to college following the idea that it will ensure a good life style for us. The truth is that we realized over time that you can make a good living paying the price of working hard, living your life inside four walls without having time to enjoy being alive, and above all and most important, without having the time to share it with your loved ones. We felt hopeless and trapped, living to work. We were losing the ability to dream and to think big because we were immersed in the routine. We were sure of something, we wanted a better life, but every available option would take us to a similar path. We didn’t know how to achieve freedom of time and a happy life.

In spite of all that, something inside was telling us that we came to this world to do great things and to transcend, but above all, to be happy. I remember that I used to go to bed at night wishing for an opportunity to become a better a person and to do something transcendent for other people.

The day we heard about YOR Health, we felt hopeful knowing that there was a possibility to change our lives. On that day, we decided to start this YOR Health project together.

YOR Health means to us the opportunity to have an exceptional life. YOR Health has given us the joy to learn about ourselves as individuals and to grow more as mother and daughter.

Today we know that dreams can come true. All you have to do is get them, break your limits, think positive, take action and spend time with people who are more successful than you like Alex & Laura, Paco Hernandez, Azya & Cus. They have helped us to achieve our dream of financial freedom and to develop ourselves as YOR Health leaders who are able to help others.

We are very thankful because in YOR Health we not only found more health and more wealth, but the big reward of being able to share it with more friends. The journey is more fun if we take our best partners with us: Our YOR Health team!

Cindy Lee, Westerville, Ohio, United States

Growing up in a big family and humble beginnings, I thought money was everything. My family came from Vietnam, and I saw them work really hard to support the seven of us. Eventually, they were able to open a grocery store and I knew they loved me because they named it after me, “Cindy’s Food Market.” My parents didn’t speak English, so customers would try to steal from them. As a shy kid, I had to grow up fast. I had to learn the business and support the family while balancing school and basketball. Soon, there was another challenge. My mom developed a liver disease called Hepatitis C, which devastated us. My dad could not afford her medical bills. I became very passionate to become successful to help my parents.

I moved around in search of opportunities and landed in the East Coast. I found myself working two to three jobs yet still living paycheck to paycheck. I could only afford to see my parents once a year, and every year it hurt to see Mom’s health depreciate and I couldn’t do anything about it. At my lowest time of my life is when my good friend Michael Mo introduced me to YOR Health. Soon I met YOR Health founder, Dennis Wong. He found out about my mom’s situation and went out of his way to pay for a natural healer to help her. That’s when I knew that YOR Health was real and genuine. Dennis also taught me how to connect with people to get me out of shyness and insecurity.

Then, one day I got a phone call from my sister, who told me our Mom took her last breath. I couldn’t believe my hero and role model was gone. With the love and support of my YOR Health family, I now know that she is in a better place and did not raise me to be a loser!

Through YOR Health, I also found the love of my life, Daniel Hamilton. Together, we were able to establish two traditional businesses and an international YOR Health team. We have traveled to China, Switzerland, Bahamas, and Australia.

Today, my day consists of choosing which Yoga class to go to that day, take care of my errands, and connecting with my YOR Health team. Most importantly, I get to see my dad whenever I want. Now, I know that money is not everything. Finding the right opportunity by being at the right place at the right time with the right attitude means so much more. This is truly the life I’ve been dreaming about and I want to help others achieve their dreams too. Thank you, Dennis and Michael, and my YOR Health family.

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