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Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake has spent years as a sport fishing enthusiast; over that space of time, Kavin Austin Blake has traveled to many exotic destinations in pursuit of a big catch. The pristine beaches and sparkling waters of the Caribbean hold a special allure for fishermen and travelers in general. Today, Kavin Austin Blake lists a few spots in the Caribbean that he’d like to check out:

  • Biras Creek in the British Virgin Islands is a small resort, says Kavin Austin Blake; at only 30 suites it practically feels like private property. Kavin Austin Blake notes that there are even tinier islands nearby, such as Honeymooner’s Beach, easily accessible by Boston Whaler dinghy.
  • St. John is home to Caneel Bay, with seven secluded beaches and no radios or televisions. Kavin Austin Blake reports that windsurfing and kayaking are great on the island as well as the fishing.
  • Cap Juluca is a resort on the island of Anguilla, complete with 18 villas, private pools and marble baths.
  • For a more affordable getaway, Kavin Austin Blake recommends Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic resort town with jaw-dropping attractions like the Damajaqua Cascades and its 27 waterfalls.

On Caribbean fishing trips, Kavin Austin Blake has hooked into fish like shark, marlin, swordfish and bluefish, in the deep blue waters of the region. Kavin Austin Blake notes that world-record fish were caught in the Caribbean; many islands host local fishing tournaments to up the ante a bit. Kavin Austin Blake has taken full-day and half-day charters in the waters of the region; he recommends that anyone considering a fishing trip to the Caribbean should look into permit requirements for the islands. Kavin Austin Blake has also found that while some islands have good fishing year-round, others have prime fishing conditions from January to April or May. In addition, Kavin Austin Blake recommends doing your homework beforehand so you can get together with a great skipper and fishing guide for your trip.

In addition to being a sportfishing and travel enthusiast, Kavin Austin Blake has pursued wellness and anti-aging strategies for years. Kavin Austin Blake is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan; as part of a total wellness and fitness regime, Kavin Austin Blake stays in shape by running, working out, and playing basketball and football.


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