HomeLife Warranty Protection Suggests Going Beyond Home Inspection Before Purchase

HomeLife Warranty Protection

Many real estate agents suggest having a home inspection performed prior to contract. But according to Arizona-based HomeLife Warranty Protection, that might not be enough. Today, Community Blog Online speaks with the home warranty experts at HomeLife Warranty Protection about additional steps homebuyers should take to determine the soundness of their potential investment. Q: Spring […]

Morgan Exteriors: Tampa’s #1 Impact Window Installer

Morgan Exteriors

Hurricane Andrew was one of the largest national disasters in history, explain the experts at Florida-based Morgan Exteriors. In its aftermath, residents of South Florida, specifically municipalities in the Miami-Dade area, saw a need for hurricane resistant windows. In the following interview, representatives from Morgan Exteriors explain why impact windows are a must in coastal […]

Gary McClure on Austin Peay’s Victory Over Georgia Tech in 2011 NCAA Tournament

Gary McClure

The Austin Peay Governors is known as a winning team, says former head coach Gary McClure. And some of their victories stand out. In 2011, Gary McClure coached one such games when the Govs beat back Georgia Tech to take Game 1 of the NCAA tourney. Here, we speak with McClure about that memorable game. […]

Edmond Dentist Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS Exposes the Root Cause of Tooth Sensitivity

Edmond Dentist

Community Blog Online: We’re very excited to talk with you today. Thank you for making time; we know you’re very busy. Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS, Edmond dentist: I’m never too busy to help people understand important dental concerns. Community Blog Online: We’d like to touch on the subject of sensitive teeth… Dr. Damon R. […]

Jesus’s Miracles | Fred Wehba

Fred Wehba

Today we speak with Fred Wehba about the miracles of Jesus Christ. Q: Good evening. Thank you for joining us. Fred Wehba: It’s my pleasure. Q: We are interested in speaking today about a topic we feel gets nowhere near enough attention. We’d like to talk about Jesus. Fred Wehba: I think that’s a remarkable […]

Gum Disease – A Battle Worth Fighting

According to the dentist professionals, bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose permanent teeth mean it’s time to find a dentist. Gum disease is an infection that affects tissue that supports and surrounds the teeth. It is one of the most dominant causes of tooth loss in people over 18 years of age. It is often […]

Instant Tax Solutions Offers Back Tax Relief

Instant Tax Solutions

America’s economy is in rough shape, leaving many citizens owing to various debtors. For taxpayers who find themselves owing the IRS for back taxes, Instant Tax Solutions reports that the IRS is more interested in working with taxpayers than ever. Post Falls, Idaho, based tax firm Instant Tax Solutions reports complaints to the IRS about […]

Pittsburgh’s Joe Zanotti Works to Increase Volunteerism

Joe Zanotti

According to Joe Zanotti, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the number of Americans who perform volunteer work has dropped slightly. Despite these reports, native Pittsburgh resident Zanotti hopes that more people will experience the same joy he found while volunteering. Joe Zanotti has volunteered with the Pittsburgh Family House, where people stay […]

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise Recommends STD Testing Even if a Patient is Symptom Free


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are insidious, and the symptoms don’t always present themselves. But the professionals at your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise know that symptom free doesn’t necessarily mean disease free. The best way for an STD to be to be detected is through laboratory tests. By using the convenient walk-in services of […]

Future Medical Student and Sigma Alpha Lambda Member Kyle Thomas Glasser Prepares for the Future

Kyle Thomas Glasser

UGA senior Kyle Thomas Glasser is a hardworking future medical student. However, his busy schedule doesn’t hinder him from the community programs that Sigma Alpha Lambda offer. In fact, by participating in those programs, Kyle Thomas Glasser believes that he is shaping his future. Sigma Alpha Lambda members have key values that Kyle Thomas Glasser […]

ANYLABTESTNOW.COM Can Help Allergy Sufferers Seek Proper Treatments


Millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies, and the team at ANYLABTESTNOW.COM wants to help people move away from self-treating their allergies with over-the-counter products. ANY LAB TEST NOW says that in order to successfully fight allergy symptoms, it’s important to find out what’s causing them. In just one short visit to one of 133 […]

Charlotte, NC-based Rick Siskey Discusses How Investors Can Develop an Exit Strategy

Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC

Much like individuals don’t walk into marriage with divorce on their minds, investors don’t consider an end to their new financial relationship while the ink is still wet on the contract. But entrepreneur and angel investor Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC believes that it is important to consider an exit strategy at the outset.  Because […]

ANY LAB TEST NOW Tests for Vitamin Deficiencies


With so many Americans working indoors 40-50 hours each week it can be difficult for many to naturally receive the vitamins that they need, to combat fatigue or depression. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers assistance by providing testing so you can see if you are suffering from vitamin deficiencies including Vitamin D and B12. Vitamin […]

Rick Siskey | Overcoming Adversity

Richard Siskey

Charlotte, NC-based entrepreneur Rick Siskey knows first-hand that a success story without a little adversity makes for a flat narrative. It’s almost embedded in the human psyche to want to know that someone who’s achieved success has had to struggle as well. It helps the unattainable seem within arms’ reach, says Siskey. According to Rick […]

Dave Ramsey supports Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries

Nancy Alcorn

Nancy Alcorn and Dave Ramsey have known and supported each other for many years.  And one of the things that cements their friendship, says Nancy Alcorn, is the joy of teaching people to find release from the issues that can enslave them. People can find themselves mired in financial indebtedness, and they can also find […]