Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, Suggests Vitamins and Nutrients that Can Be Helpful in Preventing Illness

For Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, the ability to educate seniors on their nutritional needs is a gratifying experience. Below, he explains the adjustments that older individuals must make in their daily diets.

Community Blog: Why is proper nutrition so critical for senior adults?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: As we age, our bodies change. It’s important to have proper nutrition at all times.

Community Blog: For what reason, specifically?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Many seniors are at risk of malnutrition due to deficiencies in their diet, sometimes due to eating the wrong foods, and sometimes due to simply not eating enough.

Community Blog: How can they combat this issue?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: A portion-controlled diet is a great way to ensure that seniors take care of their health.  Whether it’s to lose excess weight, or maintain a healthy weight, proper diet is crucial.

Community Blog: What if they simply aren’t hungry?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: In these cases, many times it’s caused by a lack of exercise.  Planning an exercise routine to stay active will help develop more of an appetite, and will have a great benefit to physical and mental health.

Community Blog: How can senior adults go about eating healthy?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Eating healthy involves choosing the right kinds of foods, and the correct amounts so that your body has energy to perform daily activities.

Community Blog: Should certain nutrients be especially important for seniors?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: For seniors, consuming more vitamin D and calcium will ensure strong and healthy bones.

Community Blog: What should senior adults avoid in their diets?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Reducing salt intake will help prevent high blood pressure and water retention. Meanwhile, many doctors recommend cutting back sugar intake as well, such as processed sugars in soda or other sweet drinks.

Community Blog: Water is always recommended, right?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Hydration is important for people of all ages.  Eight glasses of water each day is the optimal goal, according to most health professionals.

Community Blog: Do seniors need to curb their desire for carbohydrates?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Carbohydrates provide energy, but are easy to over consume.  Seniors should eat less daily carbs than younger adults, primarily due to being more sedentary.  The recommended amounts vary based on activity levels, but in general six or fewer servings of pasta, rice, bread and cereal is a good amount.

Community Blog: Does vegetable and fruit intake remain the same?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Not quite. It is generally accepted that two servings of fruits and two to three servings of vegetables will be sufficient.  Fruits can have a lot of natural sugar, and it’s easy to over do it.

Community Blog: What about protein?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Protein is important, but seniors usually only need two servings or less of protein, including fish, poultry, eggs, beans and meat per day.

Community Blog: And dairy?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Typically, health professionals say that only three servings of cheese, milk and yogurt are necessary.  The calcium is very important, but these foods can also be high in fat.

Community Blog: Cakes and candies are probably forbidden, right?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Seniors should treat themselves within reason.  After a long life, retirement is the perfect time to enjoy yourself – but in moderation.  Diabetes affects many older adults, but there are a variety of natural sugar substitutes which make desserts accessible to those who must carefully monitor their blood sugar levels.

Community Blog: Are supplements necessary for seniors?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: Senior adults often take vitamin B-12, vitamin D and calcium supplements. Consulting with your doctor is essential to determine the correct amounts.

Community Blog: What are the benefits of a healthy diet?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon: The benefits include an increased resistance to disease and illness, as well as a stronger immune system.  Plus, an overall feeling of wellness and improved mood can go a long way in extending and improving quality of life.

Community Blog: That’s definitely a positive thing.

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem, Oregon:  It sure is. People begin to feel more energy and further appreciation for their favorite activities.

About: Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, is the CEO of Bonaventure Senior Living. As the owner of Bonaventure Construction, Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, develops and manages all construction projects for the organization as well. In this capacity, Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, has helped Bonaventure Senior Living to expand into six different states, bringing Retirement Perfected to thousands of satisfied residents throughout the northwestern United States.

Disclaimer: This article is generally informative and is not intended to offer specific medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet program.


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