Q & A with Ian Woodman, Idaho based Instant Tax Solutions Co-founder

Ian Woodman Idaho

Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, knows that for a tax professional, staying current on tax laws is a must. For the average taxpayer, however, this information can seem complex and hard to understand, explains Ian Woodman. Idaho residents have long depended on Instant Tax Solutions to carefully explain the changes in tax laws in an easy to understand manner. Today, Ian Woodman, Idaho tax professional, explains some important tax changes for 2012.

Instant Tax Solutions Offers Back Tax Relief

Instant Tax Solutions

America’s economy is in rough shape, leaving many citizens owing to various debtors. For taxpayers who find themselves owing the IRS for back taxes, Instant Tax Solutions reports that the IRS is more interested in working with taxpayers than ever. Post Falls, Idaho, based tax firm Instant Tax Solutions reports complaints to the IRS about […]

Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen on the Risks of Unreported Income

Instant Tax Solutions

When it comes to paying taxes, most taxpayers are careful and honest about reporting all of their income. However, Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen reports that some taxpayers simply don’t realize certain forms of income must be reported. Recently, Pedersen spoke to Community Blog Online about the dangers of leaving taxable items off of your […]