Charlotte, NC-based Rick Siskey Discusses How Investors Can Develop an Exit Strategy

Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC

Much like individuals don’t walk into marriage with divorce on their minds, investors don’t consider an end to their new financial relationship while the ink is still wet on the contract. But entrepreneur and angel investor Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC believes that it is important to consider an exit strategy at the outset.  Because […]

Rick Siskey | Overcoming Adversity

Richard Siskey

Charlotte, NC-based entrepreneur Rick Siskey knows first-hand that a success story without a little adversity makes for a flat narrative. It’s almost embedded in the human psyche to want to know that someone who’s achieved success has had to struggle as well. It helps the unattainable seem within arms’ reach, says Siskey. According to Rick […]

Richard Siskey Explains the Winning Principles of Management

Richard Siskey

Entrepreneur and angel investor Richard Siskey has created, financed and sold his fair share of businesses over the past thirty years. And while he was doing that he has distilled down some solid business principles that have guided many of his business decisions. Richard Siskey believes that it’s crucial to be an objective sounding board […]