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Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

America’s economy is in rough shape, leaving many citizens owing to various debtors. For taxpayers who find themselves owing the IRS for back taxes, Instant Tax Solutions reports that the IRS is more interested in working with taxpayers than ever.

Notes from Instant Tax Solutions: Complaints made to the IRS about unenrolled preparers.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints about a tax agent not enrolled with the IRS may be made by filling out Form 3949-A. The address to mail the form is: Internal Revenue Service, Fresno, CA 93888. If a complaint is sent to this address, Instant Tax Solutions says complaints will get to their destination. People often ask Instant Tax Solutions if complaints can result in a refund of money paid to the tax agency in question. The answer is that it is possible, but the IRS cannot force repayment.


If you’re interested in working with the IRS to pay off your tax debt, Instant Tax Solutions can help you with the process. The professionals at Instant Tax Solutions explains two different ways to file with the IRS for back tax relief. One involves negotiating with the IRS to pay a smaller amount than what you currently owe, while the second is to work out a plan with the IRS in which you pay back the full amount in a manner that works with your financial situation.

Post Falls, Idaho, based tax firm Instant Tax Solutions reports complaints to the IRS about misconduct by tax attorneys may end with disbarment. Sadly, says Instant Tax Solutions, complaint are made daily about tax professionals who choose to abuse their position. Fortunately, the IRS has ways of dealing with bad tax attorneys. Complaints, notes Instant Tax Solutions, are received by the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility and are investigated individually, by a trusted agent of the IRS. If misconduct is found, punishments may include simple reprimand, suspension of practicing privileges – even possible disbarment, says Instant Tax Solutions. The complaints may be petitioned against by the accused and will go up for review as appropriate.


Called special consideration, the second method involves setting up installments, allowing you to pay your tax debt gradually. To qualify for special consideration, your prior tax history will be taken into account, as well as the amount you owe. If you owe below $10,000, you may qualify for a Guaranteed Installment Agreement (GIA). This agreement sets up installments in which your tax debt is paid off within three years. In order to qualify for GIA, says Instant Tax Solutions, you cannot have filed for installments in the past five years.

Clients often ask the team at Instant Tax Solutions if complaints against the IRS and/or tax professionals representing them are considered by the agency. In fact, the IRS has an entire department dedicated to handling allegations of misconduct and consumer complaints. Instant Tax Solutions says that the process of filing a grievance with the IRS is relatively straightforward. Once received, says Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are assigned to a dedicated employee who will investigate the matter appropriately. If found, the misconduct and the charges will be pointed out to the defendant via letter, notes Instant Tax Solutions. The complaints are usually responded to quickly, and the accused has the right to a rebuttal.


For taxpayers owing more than $10,000 but less than $25,000, the Streamlined Installment Agreement (SIA) can provide a solution. These require that the debt be repaid within sixty months. If you qualify for neither of these options, Instant Tax Solutions may be able to help you achieve a third installment plan, which is an IRS Installment Agreement. It is important to note that your financials may be closely scrutinized to determine if you qualify for this plan. This includes income as well as liabilities and expenditures, says Instant Tax Solutions.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints against tax professionals can be made on the IRS’s website. At times, certain conduct by an IRS staff member may warrant a complaint, says Instant Tax Solutions. There are 4 categories of misconduct, each of which may result in disciplinary action. As noted by Instant Tax Solutions, complaints may be about a tax agent’s misconduct while representing a taxpayer, relating to the tax professional’s own tax return, acting incompetently, or other misconduct not involving the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions hears complaints of this nature from time to time, and while they are more than happy to offer contact info for the IRS, they are unable to take action against other firms on a client’s behalf.


“All the above options, particularly the third option, are best negotiated with the assistance of a tax relief professional,” Byron Pedersen, co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, states.

Says Instant Tax Solutions, complaints made to the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility should contain specific information regarding the incident. Suggestions from Instant Tax Solutions about complaints are that they be written in the format of a business letter. In the body of the correspondence, the practitioner’s name, contact information, title, and address should be clearly stated, says Instant Tax Solutions. Complaint details and any supporting documentation should be noted and easily locatable. Complaints, says Instant Tax Solutions, are viewed quite seriously by the IRS and will be treated with consideration.



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