Eloi Kummetz Brings Technology to African and South American Banking

Eloi Kummetz

Eloi Kummetz

For those who are old enough to remember, there was a time when banking meant going into a building and speaking with a teller in order to process a transaction. In many technology-driven countries, today’s bank transaction is generally with an ATM location, if not online, Eloi Kummetz points out. This sort of instant access to technology is one of the things that has driven Eloi Kummetz to focus Kummetz Corporation’s attentions on countries like Africa, where instant access to banks are a luxury, not a way of life.

Eloi Kummetz has worked hard to bring new technologies to areas that have no access to them. Although his company, Kummetz Corporation, was licensed in Nevada in 2005, Eloi Kummetz works extensively in other countries, focusing his efforts on helping those in need.

While parts of Africa and South America have access to banking, too many residents are not located near a bank at all, Eloi Kummetz says. This has overall economic ramifications on the country, Eloi Kummetz explains, since these citizens are unable to entrust their money with a nearby financial institution. By enabling African and South American residents to access a bank, Eloi Kummetz hopes to help build the banking industries in these areas, which will in turn create financial opportunities for many.

While creating a bricks-and-mortar establishment in multiple areas in Africa and South America isn’t feasible, Eloi Kummetz explains that ATMs can do wonders for giving those in remote areas access to banking. Eloi Kummetz plans to introduce ATMs in multiple areas. This will also require education, Eloi Kummetz believes, since many in these areas will not be comfortable with the new technology initially.

By introducing these new technologies, Eloi Kummetz hopes to further address the social issues these countries face. Through Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz becomes involved in the communities in which he works with local businesses to solve real problems in the area. By developing financial opportunities, Eloi Kummetz hopes to help the citizens of these areas stand on their own and grow stronger.

In addition to his work with banking, Eloi Kummetz and Kummetz corporation are working with businesses in Africa and South America to help provide housing for those who need it. There is still a housing shortage in both areas, but Eloi Kummetz’s business is able to speed up construction timeframes and use inexpensive but high-quality building materials to create housing complexes as quickly as possible.

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