Peter Spittler Architectural Services – Aesthetics and Sustainability in Architecture

Peter Spittler Architectural Services

According to Peter Spittler Architectural Services, classical architectural designs are often lauded as masterpieces that show ingenuity and talent that has been lost in modern times. But in reality, even though the demands of the modern world have changed, many of those designs are still possible, affirms the team at Peter Spittler Architectural Services. Not […]

Peter F. Spittler – Art and Architecture

Peter F. Spittler

The creative class has been a driving force that has breathed new life into many city centers, according to Peter F. Spittler. The arts, in particular, have contributed to the rebirth of a number of cities. As an example, Peter F. Spittler and GSI Inc. spearheaded the historic renovation of the Allen Theater in Cleveland, […]