Theodore Stroukoff Says that Golf is all about Focus

Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff has taken on many challenging sports in his life, including golf and ice skating. However, in recent years Theodore Stroukoff has found that the lessons he’s learned from developing a good golf game have translated well to his professional and personal life.

Golf is largely a mental game, Theodore Stroukoff explains, with laser-focus and sharp mental acuity being equally as important as physical strength. The term “keep your head in the game” never applies more than it does to the game of golf, and Theodore Stroukoff observes that many new golfers have difficulty learning to concentrate.

Women Suffering from Stress Incontinence Can Turn to Urologist Paul Perito MD for Help

Paul Perito MD

Simple surgery may correct this embarrassing condition, says Paul Perito MD.

According to urologist Paul Perito MD, a vaginal sling procedure is effectively the creation of a support hammock, which aids in the prevention of premature opening of the urethra, from laughing, coughing or sneezing. Paul Perito MD explains that it is a relatively simple procedure that involves installing a small piece of material underneath the urethra. There are a variety of materials available for patients, including synthetic mesh, cadaverous material, and the patient’s own natural tissue.

Urologist Dr. Paul Perito Discusses Continent Urinary Diversion after Radical Cystectomy

Dr. Paul Perito

The removal of the bladder due to cancer is immediately followed by a procedure known as a continent diversion, says Miami-based urologist Dr. Paul Perito. This procedure is to create a neobladder (new bladder) and possibly urine expulsion capabilities through a urostomy (a plastic urine collection bag outside the body). The procedure utilizes a portion of the patient’s own lower intestine to create a man-made replacement of the organ, says Dr. Paul Perito.

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD Answers His Patients’ Questions about Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD

Since 2005, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD has been offering the Coral Gables region a revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction. As word spreads of the work Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD and his staff at Perito Urology are doing, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD is often called upon to train other doctors on his minimally invasive penile implant procedure. Today he discusses the treatments he provides.