Sandra Dyche FAQ: Seoul as a Popular EB-5 Program

Q: How often does South Korea participate in the EB-5 immigration investor program? Sandra Dyche: South Korea was the largest EB-5 market three years ago until China surpassed it. However, South Korea continues to be the second largest market for the EB-5 program in the United States. Q: Where does Seoul’s economy rank internationally? Sandra […]

Local Food as a Healthy Option in American Diets


Local agriculture produces some of the healthiest, most flavorful food on the market. For consumers, buying local makes a considerable impact on the local economy and promotes healthy eating habits. Locally grown produce lacks the chemicals that are found in shipped versions. Local farmers typically show greater concern for details such as sunlight exposure, soil […]

Thoughts on Starting a New Independent Pharmacy


As the healthcare industry continues to experience a series of rapid changes, a pharmacist must meet current demands while adapting to new standards in technology and customer care. One of the most important things is to pay close attention to patients’ needs. It is by listening to those who seek pharmaceutical services that the real […]

Tips on Preparing for a Home Move


Planning a home move can be one of the most challenging experiences in a person’s life. However, a few handy tips will help to keep stress at bay. The first essential step is to dedicate a significant period of time to a home move. Some people choose to schedule just part of the day for […]

Advice for Parents: Teaching Teens about Credit Cards

Q: What’s the first step in teaching children about finances? A: The first step is to teach children that a credit card is an acceptable form of payment and should not be feared. Using credit effectively is not quite the same as stopping them from acquiring credit. These days the responsibility of managing a credit […]

Children Vs. the Net

Keeping kids safe online is a new priority for the digital age. Children born since 1990 have never known life before the Internet their parents created. It is a normal part of their day that hovers under an imaginary blanket of security. However, the dangers lurking the net are very real and can harm pint-sized […]

Education for Adult Learners

Making the decision to return to school after many years away from the academic world can be challenging. Being older doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no other obligations to fill up the day. Not everyone can commit to studying at a university as a full-time student. But whatever your daily schedule may be, there […]

Healthcare Costs Rising

Many Americans may pay more for their health insurance after the Afford Care Act takes full effect in January 2014. Many of the country’s biggest health insurance providers say that premiums could increase anywhere from 20 percent to 100 percent because of the sweeping changes to the healthcare system and the increase number of people […]

Tips from Community Blog Online: Eating Right

We all know that the conventional thinking on eating right has changed over the years. Twenty-five years ago, eggs were condemned as a contributor to high cholesterol…now they are considered to be a valuable protein source. Margarine was once thought of as a safe, healthy alternative to butter – now it’s shunned due to its […]

Home Renovation on a Budget

When many homeowners begin to entertain the idea of renovating a home, they have no idea where to begin. One thing is certain; it’s essential to begin with a budget. To begin, it necessary to determine needs vs. wants. Upgrading those out-dated appliances may be one thing, but what about granite counter tops? Can you […]

Community Blog Online: Food Trends of 2013

When it comes to food trends in 2013, Community Blog Online has some definite ideas about the things that will be on the plate and the general tone of foodies across the country. And there are going to be some big shifts this year that should make 2013 even more fun for food lovers. Food […]

Pro Tips on Throwing Inexpensive Holiday Parties

Pro Tips on Throwing Inexpensive Holiday Parties When it comes to creating memorable holiday parties on a limited budget, caterers know a few tricks that are worth emulating. Here, Community Blog Online offers readers some tricks from the pros. For appetizers, think of small dishes with a wide and eclectic variety. Don’t worry about using […]

Community Blog Online Talks the Best and Worst of Barbecue Eating

If there is one sentiment that the majority of American’s share – it’s the fact that barbecue is good. Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, coleslaw, and vegetables and dip are staples of the barbecue meal. Which traditional foods are nutritionally the best or worst though? Community Blog Online wants to help backyard chefs figure out which foods to keep in their repertoire, and which ones to throw away like used corn husks.