Tips on Preparing for a Home Move

Planning a home move can be one of the most challenging experiences in a person’s life. However, a few handy tips will help to keep stress at bay.

The first essential step is to dedicate a significant period of time to a home move. Some people choose to schedule just part of the day for this process, which will result in feeling rushed. An entire day is necessary in most cases. Arrange child care in advance if moving with younger children.

A little early preparation will go a long way during a home move. Organizing each room for packing will ensure that no items get lost or left behind. This workspace should feature markers, tape, and boxes of all shapes and sizes. Work from one room to the next until packing is complete.

Boxes must be labeled clearly so that the movers can identify the contents and handle them properly. Anything valuable will need to be marked as fragile to avoid damage. Bright, colored labels are the best option in order to ensure that these boxes are treated with extra care. Each box should have specific directions as to where it should be placed.

Although basic moving boxes can hold most items, specialty boxes are available for bigger items such as mirrors, cribs and mattresses. Be prepared with buffer materials like old newspapers and packing peanuts that will protect breakable items. Glasses, dishes and ceramics should be covered in a couple layers of newspaper or tissue paper.

Items like jewelry and silverware should also be covered before boxing. Little toys should be placed into plastic bags and taped tightly to a larger item.

For packing purposes, put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. This offers stability and prevents smaller items from being damaged. When preparing a box for packing, it is crucial that the seams of the box are taped well.

Moving and packing services are a convenient source of support during this time, but they need some guidance as well. If possible, be present at the new location so that the movers know how to handle the delivery.


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