Pro Tips on Throwing Inexpensive Holiday Parties

Pro Tips on Throwing Inexpensive Holiday Parties

When it comes to creating memorable holiday parties on a limited budget, caterers know a few tricks that are worth emulating. Here, Community Blog Online offers readers some tricks from the pros.

For appetizers, think of small dishes with a wide and eclectic variety. Don’t worry about using plates with the same pattern or that are even the same size. Mismatched plates are actually incredibly visually appealing and colorful. Another tip is that salad plates are excellent for smaller servings, which helps to manage portions. And don’t worry about buying holiday-themed disposable plates, they work out to be more expensive in the long run.

When serving soup, instead of bowls try using martini glasses or “shooters” served in shot glasses. They are an excellent way to keep guests mobile, fed and looking festive. Also, it’s another way to manage portion control while bringing variety to the party.

One way to keep beverage costs down is to come up with a signature cocktail. That way there’s no need to stock a full bar, and the only other alcohol purchase just needs to be quality red and white wine. But, costs aside, there’s something inherently elegant about creating a signature cocktail – and guests love them.

A sure fire way to throw a beautiful and inexpensive holiday party is to throw it during the day, as a brunch. Traditional breakfast foods that involve eggs like quiches or frittatas are stunning and cost very little to make from scratch. They also require very little effort and are always a show stopper. Other dishes like French toast with fresh fruit on the side and hash browns are guaranteed to be a hit with guests and are also very cost effective.

One way to spruce up the decor while being fiscally prudent is to shop at a thrift store and then to buy spray paint. Looking for vases or old picture frames and painting them is a great way to create eclectic party props for pennies on the dollar. Using metallic spray paint is an even better way to make the home look festive. And filling the vases with dried flowers creates a beautiful monochromatic effect that makes a gorgeous backdrop for holiday photos.

But, the best way to throw a holiday party with a casual and inclusive feel is a potluck. Asking guests to contribute their favorite festive foods is a surefire way to make sure that every dish is a star. And a potluck is always a hit with people, because at the end of the day people love to help make a party a success.

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