Community Blog Online: Food Trends of 2013

When it comes to food trends in 2013, Community Blog Online has some definite ideas about the things that will be on the plate and the general tone of foodies across the country. And there are going to be some big shifts this year that should make 2013 even more fun for food lovers.

Food awareness is going to be taking a place in the front seat. But this year it isn’t just going to be about the benefits of different types of food, it’s also going to be more celebrities and politicians talking about food stamps and how to feed a family on a very tight budget. The “food stamp challenge” was accepted by celebrity chef Mario Batalli and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton in 2012 when they lived on the approximately 4 dollars a day that the SNAP program provides. Father John Enzler, president and CEO of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C also took the challenge last year, and Newark Mayor Corey Booker is going to do it this January. It will be a surprise if more famous faces don’t join them this year to raise awareness.

Next, expect to see much less kale in 2013 – or at less exultations about how amazing it is. As good as kale is, people are a little exhausted with the stir-fries, sautes and green chips. Look for cauliflower to be the next “it” vegetable.

In terms of desserts, we predict that this year people are going to be backing away from cloyingly sweet things and looking to match more savory flavors with the last course of dinner. The child-inspired cake-pops and cereal milk that have been so popular recently, are likely to be falling by the wayside as people mix it up with healthier – and more adult – desserts like Fennel Panna Cotta or fruit salad with sherry vinegar.

Finally, expect less southern cuisine and more South American cuisine. Brazilian food is going to be more popular than ever, especially with the World Cup gearing up in 2014. This year expect Churrascaria to replace barbecue chicken, especially in high-end restaurants.

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