Morgan Exteriors: Tampa’s #1 Impact Window Installer

Morgan ExteriorsHurricane Andrew was one of the largest national disasters in history, explain the experts at Florida-based Morgan Exteriors. In its aftermath, residents of South Florida, specifically municipalities in the Miami-Dade area, saw a need for hurricane resistant windows. In the following interview, representatives from Morgan Exteriors explain why impact windows are a must in coastal regions.

Q: Thank you for joining us today. With spring coming up, the weather is on everyone’s mind.

Morgan Exteriors: Were glad to be here. What questions do you have?

Q: We’re interested in finding out about hurricane impact windows. How are they different than traditional windows?

Morgan Exteriors: Hurricane, or impact-resistant, windows are those that have been rated to withstand fierce weather conditions and high winds.

Q: How is that? Aren’t hurricane windows made of glass?

Morgan Exteriors: Yes, of course. However, hurricane windows are made with a laminated glass, much like you’d find in a vehicle.

Q: How long has Morgan Exteriors been installing hurricane impact windows?

Morgan Exteriors: We’ve been in business since 1995.

Q: So you’ve seen a lot change in the industry…

Morgan Exteriors: Yes, and we can say without a shadow of a doubt that today’s windows are the safest and most energy-efficient products ever available.

Q: How did hurricane Andrew change the way windows were made?

Morgan Exteriors: Hurricane Andrew plowed through Florida, Louisiana, and the Bahamas in August of 1992. It remains one of the most destructive hurricanes in US history. It cost billions of dollars in damage.

Q: Which logically acted as the driving force behind new building codes…

Morgan Exteriors: That’s exactly right. After Andrew, Miami-Dade began to rebuild with stricter codes for stronger windows.

Q: When did the rest of the state follow?

Morgan Exteriors: In 2001 with the implementation of the Florida Building Code standards. The last revision was in 2014.

Q: And other states have similar guidelines?

Morgan Exteriors: Most hurricane-affected areas, such as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have adopted International Building Code standards.

Q: Aside from the obvious, what are some of the benefits of hurricane impact windows?

Morgan Exteriors: Hurricane windows don’t look any different than standard windows. They are beautiful and can be customized for any home.

Q: What about noise reduction?

Morgan Exteriors: That’s a great question. Hurricane windows help reduce noise more effectively. They are also intruder resistant.

Q: Making a home double safe…

Morgan Exteriors: Exactly. Even large picture windows are difficult to break, meaning parents can rest easy with little ones in the house.

Q: It sounds like hurricane resistant windows are an all-around good thing to have.

Morgan Exteriors: Well, they are as functional as they are beautiful. There definitely an investment that can be cherished for many years to come

Q: Morgan Exteriors offers a lifetime warranty, too, correct?

Morgan Exteriors: That’s right, on labor and materials.

Q: That sounds like a high note to close on. We thank you for your time today and look forward to chatting with you again. At Community Blog Online, we’re all about the community, and thank you for all you do for yours.

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