Staying Safe Indoors | Weathershield Reviews UV Protection for Windows

Weathershield ReviewsSummer isn’t far off and that means it is nearly time to start thinking about SPF. However, most people don’t realize that the sun is an enemy indoors as well as out. In this exclusive interview, the team at Weathershield reviews the two most efficient ways thwart UV rays from damaging a home’s interior…and its occupants.

Community Blog Online: Thank you for joining us this afternoon. Welcome to Community Blog Online.

Weathershield Reviews Team: Glad to be here.

Community Blog Online: It’s home building and remodeling season, so we’ve asked you to come to talk to us about windows and doors.

Weathershield Reviews Team: They certainly are one of the most important pieces to a home.

Community Blog Online: Yes, they are. Let’s talk about a window’s ability to protect a home from the elements. What features allow a piece of glass to keep out rain, heat, cold, etc…

Weathershield Reviews Team: It isn’t just the glass. The window’s components each play a role.

Community Blog Online: Explain…

Weathershield Reviews Team: A window frame is made of wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum or a combination of these materials. Each offers a level of protection against water intrusion and thermal transfer.

Community Blog Online: And what about protection from the sun? Most people tend to forget the sun can cause damage indoors, too, correct?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Absolutely; the sun can actually fade furniture, carpets, and artwork if left unfiltered.

Community Blog Online: How?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Ultraviolet radiation, which is the same thing that causes sunburn and even skin cancer.

Community Blog Online: And this enters a home through the windows?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Yes, but there are ways to protect yourself and your belongings.

Community Blog Online: We assume you are referring to UV filtering?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Yes, in fact, there are two common ways to filter harmful UV rays.

Community Blog Online: Are you talking about low-e windows?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Those and laminated glass.

Community Blog Online: Tell us about low-e windows first.

Weathershield Reviews Team: Low-e windows are windows that actually reflect infrared and ultra-violet light. They still allow visible light to enter a home, though.

Community Blog Online: What does that mean – “visible light?”

Weathershield Reviews Team: UV rays are invisible, but the sun also produces visible light, which is the light you see by.

Community Blog Online: So, this visible light isn’t harmful?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Not at all, it’s actually better for the eyes than fluorescent or halogen lighting.

Community Blog Online: What does laminated glass do for UV protection?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Laminated glass is made up of two individual pieces of glass fused together with a film between. The laminated piece can then be put into an insulated glass unit along with a piece of Low-e glass. This combination can filter up to 99% of the harmful UV rays.

Community Blog Online: That’s all very interesting information and something for our readers to think about.

Weathershield Reviews Team: We hope so. It’s so important to stay safe from the sun, whether you are indoors or out.

Community Blog Online: Thank you for your time today, we look forward to seeing what’s in store for Weathershield. If reviews of your latest product launches are indicative of the company’s direction, we are sure to see many more homes outfitted with Weathershield windows in the future.

Weathershield Reviews Team: That’s always the goal…

Weathershield’s mission is to become America’s most dedicated window and door manufacturer. The company has been in continuous operation since its founding over half a century ago. A market leader, Weathershield reviews window and door styles from timeless to contemporary to keep pace with consumer demand. Weathershield is based in the USA and proudly serves its community through LITE (Lives Inspired Through Employees), an employee sponsored giving program.

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