Weather Shield Reviews Team Explores the World of Natural Wood Doors and Windows

Weather-Shield-WindowsAs experts in the door and window industry, the Weather Shield Reviews Team appreciates the fine craftsmanship of today’s natural wood doors and windows. The Weather Shield Reviews Team is eager to share their knowledge of these products with a national audience.

Community Blog Online: Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us today.

Weather Shield Reviews Team: We’re delighted to be here.

Community Blog Online: Why are natural wood doors and windows so popular with today’s buyers?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Doors and windows that are built with natural wood have stability and endurance. In fact, many of them can last for a whole lifetime.

Community Blog Online: How can a homeowner ensure that doors and windows hold up under pressure?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Proper care is the number-one priority.

Community Blog Online: What are some examples?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Frequent cleanings and other measures can often improve a homeowner’s chances.

Community Blog Online: What factors may determine the type of maintenance necessary?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Which direction the homes wood doors or windows have been placed makes a significant difference.

Community Blog Online: How so?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Wood doors and windows that face out towards the south are more liable to experience weathering.

Community Blog Online: Which maintenance techniques work best to alleviate this problem?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: The most viable option is to clean the wood regularly, treat it often, and retreat it when necessary.

Community Blog Online: What materials should be used to treat the doors and windows?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: A UV-protected paint or stain is a popular option that helps to protect the wood by blocking sunlight.

Community Blog Online: How can a customer keep doors or windows looking good as new?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: One strategy we recommend is to take a damp cloth and wipe the wood.

Community Blog Online: What if the buildup is considerable?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: If the buildup is incredibly stubborn, apply some soapy water and then wipe the surface with a moist cloth to remove any residue.

Community Blog Online: How can a homeowner achieve the right balance?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Semi-transparent stains have shown positive results for many homeowners.

Community Blog Online: What issues may occur without regular and consistent cleanings?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Dirt, moisture and soot can gather around the door or window exterior. This can cause deterioration, exposing the wood without any sort of protection.

Community Blog Online: Wonderful information all around and very helpful. Thank you so much – it’s been a pleasure.

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Same here. Hopefully these tips can help people to avoid trouble down the line.

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