Tips to Create a Productive Working Environment

Every great company leader starts out with their first management job. Many are effective and move up the corporate ladder because they know how to motivate. Here’s how:

Maintain a respectable tone with employees

Research indicates that bosses who use verbal intimidation to coerce their employees to perform actually hurt productivity. A clear mind is an absolute must for workers at any level to maintain the ability to do their jobs accurately. Yelling causes impaired working memory and passive resistance.

Reward only exceptional work

Rewards are, no doubt, a useful tool for encouraging workers to perform. However, too many over-aggressive managers tend to reward workers for simply doing their job. Rewards should be tied to meaningful accomplishments otherwise there is no inspiration to go above and beyond.

Reward the right people

Most psychologists agree that outgoing individuals are perceived as the most productive. This isn’t always true. Often, the quiet introvert of the team will be doing more than their fair share of work. It’s important to look at raw data and statistics over the likability of the individual before doling out accolades.

Be careful of blanket rewards programs

Many companies offer bonuses to the entire group based on the performance of the entire company. However, that can backfire as it encourages the lower-performing employees to continue at the same pace.

Understand employees’ positions

It is not enough to tell an employee what to do. Those in a station of responsibility should be able to successfully perform each of their employee’s job functions effectively. Managers who don’t fully understand the scope of their employee’s functions are simply not effective. However, those who are able to assist and encourage their employees by offering meaningful support are earn the respect and therefore loyalty of those who work under them.

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