Rich Von Alvensleben Talks Pop Warner Football

Rich Von Alvensleben

Rich Von Alvensleben

Rich Von Alvensleben is a successful businessman with backgrounds in sales, drilling and construction. And with a previous career as a diver in Antarctica, it’s safe to say that Rich Von Alvensleben has expanded his horizons multiple times over the course of his life. As the founder of World Concepts LLC, which was an Independent Distributor for a $200 million per year environmental products distributor, Rich Von Alvensleben brought in more than $100 million in sales—which was half of that parent company’s annual revenue for that time period. Rich Von Alvensleben oversaw all parts of the sales cycle from recruiting to training to closing—as well as assisting in advising corporate. Rich Von Alvensleben recently sat down for a conversation about one of his favorite things: coaching Pop Warner football.

Q: What got you into Pop Warner football?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I’ve always been a very competitive person, so when my son graduated high school and no longer played football, I felt like a part of me was missing. I needed competition back in my life, and that’s when I found Pop Warner.

Q: Where do you coach Pop Warner?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I coach near my home in the Sacramento, California, area.

Q: How many coaches and kids are on your team?

Rich Von Alvensleben: We have 10 coaches and 35 kids. It almost feels like an NFL sideline sometimes with so many of us. We love to get out there and get the kids fired up and ready to play.

Q: What position do you coach?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I coach the linebackers, and my son coaches our team’s defensive backs.

Q: What sort of things do you teach your Pop Warner players?

Rich Von Alvensleben: We teach them football basics—how to line up correctly, how to tackle safely and effectively, how to read an offense, and so on. Our kids are very perceptive and they pick up on the concepts quickly.

Q: What’s the most satisfying part of being a Pop Warner coach?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I love to see the kids’ faces when their hard work pays off and they get a much deserved win. I also love getting to be a part of my community and give back in a meaningful way.

Q: How do you give back to your community through Pop Warner?

Rich Von Alvensleben: Participating in Pop Warner leagues helps the program raise money for the community, and it supports children’s athletics and youth development programs. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Q: Does Pop Warner support academics?

Rich Von Alvensleben: Absolutely! One of the great things about Pop Warner is that it isn’t just about sports. The program recognizes that kids need to achieve in the classroom just as much as the playing field.

Q: How many kids participate in Pop Warner across the country?

Rich Von Alvensleben: There are about 400,000 kids throughout the United States who play sports or compete through Pop Warner. It’s a really great program that helps kids learn teamwork and a competitive drive.

Q: Do any of the kids go on to play football for their schools?

Rich Von Alvensleben: Yes—in fact, we use the same playbooks as some of the middle schools and high schools in our area to facilitate success in their transitions. That helps our kids learn complex plays early on and helps them if they decide to play football when they get older.


About Rich Von Alvensleben: At Von Vesting, a real estate investment group based in Rocklin, California (a suburb of Sacramento), Rich Von Alvensleben serves as Operations Manager. Under his oversight, Von Vesting helps take the risk out of real estate for investors, as they buy, overhaul and re-sell distressed properties. Much of the rehab work is done by LKT Inc. (d.b.a., OneUp Construction), a firm established and directed, as CEO, by Rich Von Alvensleben.

Early in his career, Rich Von Alvensleben worked as a commercial diver in the Antarctic, helping to set up a desalination plant for the United States Antarctic Research Program. Rich Von Alvensleben was also the founder of the Associated Drilling Company, specializing in construction-related drilling work. During these same years, Rich Von Alvensleben helped launch the sales and marketing powerhouse, World Concepts LLC, which had an independent contractor relationship with the $200mm/year Memphis, TN based company, National Safety Associates.

As a longtime Bay Area California resident, Rich Von Alvensleben has put his familiarity with neighborhoods to great use in real estate investing and marks up much of his company’s success to this leverage. Currently living in Sacramento, Rich Von Alvensleben is a civic-minded volunteer in his community; during off hours, he enjoys spending quality outdoor time with his family.


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