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Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports that Aruba is a destination of choice for many people who love the amazing Technicolor contrasts of pure white beaches, bright turquoise water and lush green vegetation. And although Aruba is famous for all of those, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also points out that visitors can have a fantastic time seeing many other sights on the island.

However, before other island activities are addressed, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays acknowledges that the sun-kissed beaches of Aruba must be discussed. One of the best thing about Aruba’s beaches is that they are constantly kept warm – but not too hot – by the constant trade winds. Much of the seven-mile strip is lined with resorts and bustling with activity, but beaches run the gamut from quiet retreats to water sports meccas. For first time travelers to Aruba, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays recommends a visit to Eagle Beach with its gorgeous sands and ample parking.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also suggests that travelers to Aruba visit Arikok National Park. The park encompasses the three geological formations that make up this Caribbean destination–the lava formation, the quartz diorite formation and a limestone formation that extends inward from the coastline. The park is made up of unique flora and fauna and Pierre Bennett Global Holidays notes that the park is the habitat of several indigenous species to Aruba, including snakes and birds.

A visit to Aruba’s Butterfly Farm is an amazing chance to see nature at its finest, says the staff of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. The tropical garden teems with butterflies from around the globe, and these colorful wonders of nature are as beautiful as they are unusual. And with Pierre Bennett Global Holidays member discounts on popular attractions and destinations, travelers can visit the Butterfly Farm several times. The Aruba Butterfly Farm is a rare opportunity for photography, so visitors should remember to bring their cameras.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also suggests that members visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm. There are over eighty of the largest living species in the world – along with their flightless cousin, the emu.  The Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins are a fascinating place for people to visit, according to the staff of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. Gold prospectors shaped Aruba’s history, though large amounts of gold weren’t discovered until 1824, adds Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. Over the years more than three million pounds of gold were discovered on Aruba, and Pierre Bennett Global Holidays recommends that club members visit the Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins, which are an interesting reminder of the island’s past.

Because Pierre Bennett Global Holidays members have access to both live operators during business hours and online booking 24/7, they can plan the vacation of a lifetime to Aruba anytime, day or night. For those who have dreamed soaking up the sun on Aruba’s famous beaches, or seeing the island’s amazing flora and fauna, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays can make it happen – without the hassles usually associated with planning luxury travel.

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