Q & A with Paramount Song on International Superstar Taylor Swift

Paramount SongA seven-time Grammy Award winner with 30 million copies sold worldwide, Taylor Swift has become one of the most popular artists in the worldwide music industry. Paramount Song traces the singer-songwriter’s unlikely journey and encourages songwriters from around the world to follow her example.

Community Blog Online: Hello – how are you doing today?

Paramount Song: Very well, thank you!

Community Blog Online: We’ve been looking forward to having this discussion about Taylor Swift and how other songwriters can learn from her vault into superstardom.

Paramount Song: She certainly is an exceptional talent – one whom Paramount Song writers should study carefully.

Community Blog Online: How has the career of Taylor Swift served as the template for songwriters who contact Paramount Song?

Paramount Song: While continuing to tour the world, Taylor Swift has made time to focus on the most critical part of her success: songwriting.

Community Blog Online: What kind of example has Taylor Swift set for Paramount Song writers?

Paramount Song: Taylor started in her teens by co-writing with a number of experienced songwriters, including Liz Rose. She has always understood the importance of the song in the grand scheme of her career. From that example, Paramount Song writers can receive hope and encouragement.

Community Blog Online: How so?

Paramount Song: Most of our writers who focus on lyrics and don’t write music take advantage of the extensive services of a professional songwriter selected by Paramount Song. In the music industry, collaborations are key.

Community Blog Online: Where do these collaborations come in handy for the writers at Paramount Song?

Paramount Song: Paramount Song maintains relationships with professional songwriters in Nashville, which serves as a benefit for our writers.

Community Blog Online: Does Paramount Song have any connections to Taylor Swift?

Paramount Song:  In 2004, one of the pro songwriters who work with us wrote music for some of Taylor’s lyrics.

Community Blog Online: How does Taylor Swift go about the art of writing a song?

Paramount Song: Most of Taylor Swift’s songs begin with conversations. By chatting with collaborators about the daily rhythms of her life, she has developed a core strategy for writing her next great song.

Community Blog Online: What about music and instrumentation?

Paramount Song: After coming up with the best idea, Taylor Swift picks up a guitar and tinkers with the melody and lyrics until she finds the right fit.

Community Blog Online: Why do so many songwriters have such difficulty when first starting out?

Paramount Song: Where many of today’s beginning songwriters have an issue is trying to distill the essence of a song and hone in on what matters most.

Community Blog Online: How would you recommend a songwriter begin the process?

Paramount Song: The first step is to come up with an idea to use as the central basis of a song and write down the bare bones essentials.

Community Blog Online: Why is this so beneficial?

Paramount Song: Many of today’s most popular songs are detail-oriented. By stripping the song to its core elements, songwriters can then fill in the gaps and create something wholly original.

Community Blog Online: This has been tremendously informative!

Paramount Song: Our goal is to help songwriters feel inspired and encouraged to keep practicing their craft.

The Paramount Song offices are headquartered in Nashville, where Taylor Swift and many of music’s biggest entertainers are writing, recording and performing on a daily basis. Paramount Song offers insight and information about the songwriting process with aspiring writers in the U.S., Canada and around the world.

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